Nokia 5300 review: Hop on the music express

04 December 2006
Being part of the revamped XpressMusic line, the Nokia 5300 is expressive more than ever and is one great example of how you can have fun with your mobile phone. The dedicated music keys make a sure statement about the music-orientation of the handset. If the price is right, it really sounds like a good bargain, right? Well, you are not far from the truth.

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  • 13 Mar 2023


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    • mathise
    • Ns1
    • 09 Jan 2012

    Had this phone since 2008 August and despite the loudspeaker malfunctioning sometimes, I still love it. Will never dump it.

      • h
      • haulplavette
      • svs
      • 23 Dec 2011

      Kevin, 05 Oct 2008I agree, I've gone through 3 of these phones in 8 months. ... moremust check and get big save for more detail

        • K
        • Kitty
        • kQX
        • 08 Apr 2010

        this was the best phone i had.. i wish i could have another just like it.... it did everything i needed and was easy for me to use... Ill miss you nokia 5300.....

          • c
          • cassie
          • 3i8
          • 08 Jul 2009

          this phone is so annoying the buttonns on the side have fallen off, the normal keypad buttons are splitting and the phone keeps freezing.have only had it for a few months...would not recommend..

            • n
            • nalin
            • vGc
            • 09 May 2009

            musiclover, 08 Jan 2007Can anyone pls tell me if the music player on this phone wo... moreyes u can use any application in flight mode

              • n
              • nalin
              • vGc
              • 09 May 2009

              sandra, 14 Mar 2007Hi I want to ask something about nokia 5300. I live in Tu... morehi! m nalin i've been using this for since a doubt this phone has a good functionality but.this phone is very fradgile and after one or two falls the phone starts up with problems.
              as well as the internal memory is not good.
              i would recommend u to go for nokia7210 and if this phone hasn't reached the market yet,i would recommend u to wait for some time.
              nokia 5300 is good but not of a very strong hardware

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • vGc
                • 09 May 2009

                Anonymous, 02 Aug 2007i got this phone 3 month ago..i love it,but wish it have 3G... moreyou have this phone for the past 3 months........use it for another 3 months ...see what happens and get back to me.

                  • n
                  • nalin
                  • vGc
                  • 09 May 2009

                  nokia 5300 is a very good phone indeed but, the internal phone body is very delicate............i've been using this phone for the past 1 year and another thing which i find annoying is the internel memory of the phone also not many softwares are applicable on this phone.

                    • l
                    • linda
                    • n5s
                    • 11 Dec 2008

                    only had for 1 month, treated like any other nokia i had, screen very fragile, now broken and useless !!!! would not recommend to anyone!

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • PSv
                      • 05 Dec 2008

                      I love this phone.the music is so loud.

                        • C
                        • Ceff
                        • kDS
                        • 31 Oct 2008

                        Anonymous, 24 Nov 2007This phone rocks, and 4 all those people that say it carcks... moreYou are absolutely right! The nokia 5300 sucks my world! I mean rock my world! Just kidding!this phone is awesome!the music is nice and loud at the same time! So i recommend it!!!superb phone!

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 2S$
                          • 25 Oct 2008

                          plz give delar locatin nr thane city mh

                          pawar kalyan

                            • K
                            • Kevin
                            • nyV
                            • 05 Oct 2008

                            I agree, I've gone through 3 of these phones in 8 months.
                            They all suffered from broken screens and internal breaks.
                            A very poor and fragile phone I agree and I definitely will NOT be buying a Nokia in the future.
                            I will be moving to Sony Ericsson or Samsung.
                            Until Nokia comes up with a solid hard worthwhile phone I will be moving to other manufacturer's

                              • H
                              • Henry
                              • Rnp
                              • 05 Oct 2008

                              Mastana, 08 Apr 2008Compared to other phone models, this 5300 nokia is not real... moreNokia 5300 is a nice phone i like it

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • PQ8
                                • 02 Oct 2008

                                i recently put a new screen into my nokia 5300 and you can kinda see things on it but its way too bright. does anyone know how i can fix this or do i need to buy a new one?

                                  • s
                                  • seanwilliams78@hotma
                                  • kQw
                                  • 16 Jun 2008

                                  I went through 3 of these phones in 4 months. My GF went through 2 of them.

                                  This phone is way too fragile and delicate. The battery life is poor; not anywhere near up to par for Nokia. If you listen to ANY music at all, the battery lasts a day at best.

                                  Screen cracks if you look at it funny; I broke it twice. Never had that problem with any other phone. Then, the microphone stopped working...I could listen to callers, but they could not hear me.

                                  Additionally, the slider felt worn after a month of use; each phone was brand new and the slider felt as if it was going to start slipping closed after 4 weeks of use.

                                  The camera image quality is OK, but there's no flash and the shutter is very, very slow so it's hard to catch images.

                                  After my GF and I went through a total of 5 of these phones in 4 months, we switched phones. We were tired of replacing the 5300; it wasn't worth it.

                                  I'd skip it. I hope they made the new 5310 more like a Nokia, and less like a fragile faberge egg.

                                    • a
                                    • arthursegura@hotmail
                                    • kMc
                                    • 05 Jun 2008

                                    Jenna, 10 Nov 2007Bought 2 of these phones 2 months ago both screens are crac... moreYou can replace the screens easy enough for $20.00, If that is the only problem with the phone.

                                      • M
                                      • Mastana
                                      • PFw
                                      • 08 Apr 2008

                                      Compared to other phone models, this 5300 nokia is not really support for downloading games. Even 3230 nokia phone able to download games but not 5300.
                                      Why is that so ????

                                        • b
                                        • brooke
                                        • jBi
                                        • 02 Apr 2008

                                        This phone is awesome...everyone that says it sucks or cracks or whatever...they must not know how to take care of it. I bought this phone the day it came out and it is still good as ever! it is awesome! it has been dropped and sat on and you name it and it is still running strong! so to everyone who is debting on wheather or not to get this phone, it is the best buy you will ever make! I love this phone!