GSMArena tablet buyer's guide: November 2014

28 November 2014
Black Friday is upon us and the holiday season is just around the corner. Without doubt many of you will be shopping around for a new tablet and the latest edition of the tablet buyer’s guide is here to give a helping hand...

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  • Igor

Can anyone explain to me why do I need a camera on the back of my tablet? Who takes pictures with a tablet?!! Do not we already have cellphones with cameras?

Why does GSM Arena even mentions the "primary" camera specs? How is it primary if you never use it?

I would really prefer to have a better camera on the front and/or more storage/RAM instead of the "primary" camera.

  • Anonymous

GOD, 07 Dec 2014THeres Only 1 to buy samsung galaxy 12.2 everything else is just... moreAt that point, though, why not buy a whole laptop and actually have a full PC?

With all the addons the only major difference would be the weight, which I'd be ok with as a trade off for a full PC operating system.

  • Nick

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 should have been in the list.. There are people that can afford good tablet eventhough the price is high.. How come Nexus 9 made the list despite of high price and no memory card slot..

Yeah, I know Nexus is direct product from Google with fast update, not bloatware, bla, bla, bla.. But compared to Galaxy Tab S 8.4, it has upper hand with much, much better screen and calling/texting capability..

  • GOD

THeres Only 1 to buy samsung galaxy 12.2 everything else is just to small to see anything and a waste of space .Plus with proper keyboard and mouse = computer and does everything apart from what you need a full pc for .

  • AnonD-338502

Rubbish article! why not consider Windows 8.1 tablets that run the full version of Windows? I just got the Dell Venue 8 pro and would only replace it with a Surface 3. I understand people may go for Apple tablets cuz apps are optimized and hardware is quality, but Android tablets are plain boring.

  • Billy

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2014"But the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 has the exact same screen reso... more100% agree with you. Tab S is way better than tab pro.GSM Arena compared prices between this two tablets "(half a price...") but forget to say about big differences in facts that you stated. No fer to Tab S...

  • iFernando

Asus Vivotab Note 8 with full Windows 8.1. Today(November 2014) there are no more reason to have a limited basic OS like the iOS or Android, on a Tablet.

  • Anonymous

"But the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 has the exact same screen resolution, the same chipset options, it's thin and isn't too heavy."

The only diference between Tab S and Tab Pro 10.1 insn't the SuperAmoled screen (Wich in my opinios is a huge diference). TAB S (3 Gb Ram and Octa Core and big.LITTLE) Vs Tab Pro 10.1 (2 Gb Ram, Quad Core, no big.LITTLE)

  • RejZoR

Full Windows tablets ftw. Pocket desktop computer.

  • AnonD-332786

Mostafa, 02 Dec 2014Where's your review and comparison of the new NOKIA N1?!seriously, N1 isn't sold yet.

  • Mostafa

Where's your review and comparison of the new NOKIA N1?!

  • Torero

heynekko, 29 Nov 2014Windows tablets are basically pc. Windows tablets has to fight a... moreThat's absurd at best. Who gets to classify it as anything else but a tablet? Surface Pro in in a tablet form factor, it acts like a tablet without the keyboard and is by far the best tablet out there. You can go ahead and classify it as a notebook or whatever you want but if I can use it as a tablet, it is a tablet. A more capable one at that. I can run my adobe suite, 3ds max or even do rendering on it. Can you do that on any of these listed here?
I am dealing with programmed zombies here.

  • piotr

Will buy me the Sony Z3TC,pity it is not in the list...

  • AnonD-112130

There all toys.

  • AnonD-308243

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2014Just bought Surface Pro 3. It's a beast, beauty, thin, and usabi... moreexactly mate. the tab is beyond anything ever reviewed on this site and yet its negleted for a review here ever since its release man.

  • AnonD-308243

Reza, 30 Nov 2014Totally agree! It's the most powerful tablet I ever boughtwhat makes the surface 3 special is that all the hardware is laptop hardware the processors are not ARM but X86 based so its serious power there and the os is not some kids play thing its desktop os in a tablet shell mate. there is no getting more serious than that when it comes to mobile computing for power users.

  • AnonD-336878

I just bought a tablet Cube u65gt. Specs: octa core @ 1.7 GHZ, 3g, 9.7 inch retina display, mali 450, 16GB, 2GB RAM, android 4.4

I believe it is better than any one of the above tablets @ only 188$

  • Anonymous

Windows 10 will combine desktop OS, server OS, mobile OS, and gaming OS in one OS. GSMARENA can't dismiss Windows 10 next round.

  • Anonymous

Just bought Surface Pro 3. It's a beast, beauty, thin, and usability all in one. Better than any of these here.

  • verde

I wish for a tablet like this: 10 inch, 1280x800, no camera, no microphone, no 3G, no GPS, fast quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, KitKat, good stereo speakers. Please, China, make it happen!