Moto 360 review: Eye catcher

08 December 2014
Announced back in March, Motorola’s Moto 360 is undoubtedly one of the hottest wearable devices of the year. The Android Wear flagship is the first device of its kind to effectively blur the lines between a smartwatch and a regular mechanical timepiece...

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  • Mahmud

Can I browse in the watch by connecting to iPhone 6 plus

  • Ghostyyy

i bought this 1 mnth was really superb and amazing.the btry life lasts for 1 day.i really luv tis smartwatch it really beats sony, nokia,samsung gears


this is exceptional
hope someone will buy me this one :d

  • AnonD-237822

U see Gsmarena dont knw wats wrong wit u guys now d moto 360 needs to be alittle more independent on a smartphone while the gears s have rather not useful features having a 3g n wifi sim card slot dat made it a stand alone watch Battery life moto 360 it wil easily take u tru a day usage wit just 14hrs of battery but gear s was over 24 yet d battery life is poor am so suprised at u guys i tot i luv dis site but dat was a lie

  • AnonD-331864

In all aspects it is better than Samsung gear s. If an update would be announced by Motorola, Samsung gear s completely will be eliminated from the market.

  • PG

Really nice. The most beautiful smartwatch yet.
Too bad the poor battery life.
Nevertheless, a true trendsetter! =)

  • Tony

Its really nice I love it so much I have thanks to them who made this clock

  • AnonD-83364

My Moto 360 already has lollipop. Google is currently shipping lollipop for all Android Wear smart watches. Also you mentioned nothing about installing your music directly on the Android Wear devices. All you need is a Bluetooth headset or speakers and you can listen to music directly from the watch itself, with no need to have your smartphone connected.

With the latest update it is much easier to change a number of settings, and they also added a quick section for previously ran apps and games.

  • ME

AnonD-23501, 10 Dec 2014I bought Motorola Moto 360 since a month ago. Great battery life... moreAre you trying to convince yourself or us?
Sony Smartwatch 2 battery is good for 4 days.
(might be also a joke)

  • js

Had one for almost a month now, and love it.
I use it with ambient mode on (so you can just glance at it to see the time), and find the battery still comfortably last though the day - with anywhere between 15 and 30% remaining when it gets dropped back on the charger depending on usage. With ambient off, I imagine it would last most of 2 days. The wireless QI wireless charging is really cool, and makes charging it effortless - so you really don't care "its another device you need to charge daily"

Voice recognition works really well, handy for quick text replies - or navigate commands. WhatsApp, emails, & Texts work well. Facebook could use some improvements, as you see the notifications, but have no contextual options other than to open it on your phone. But Android wear can only get better!

  • AnonD-23501

DoM, 08 Dec 2014I had a plans to bay this watch, but >1 year and still no Kit... moreGood bye, Nokia. The End of Nokia. Microsoft absolutely will not support any smartphone Nokia with Windows Phone.

  • AnonD-23501

I bought Motorola Moto 360 since a month ago. Great battery life. 9 hours use just lost battery 46%.

  • AnonD-58875

These watches will be successful only when they have cells that charge on body temperature or sunlight. If not these will be a gift piece and will remain in showcases. No one has time to charge these watches everyday or week. Watch should be like a watch at least to show the time when needed. If people have to charge their watches why do they need watch, there are phones that shows time when it's alive. Think twice before making any such products in the future.

  • AnonD-200270

I think following years will see a increase in screen size and may be by 2016 we will see 5" smart watch with Qhd display. People now a days think less and over act.

  • Anonymous

It is nice to have more pixel, but it does not mean more power needed, in fact the 1080p vs 1440p screen power consumption is only 5% difference in 2014.

Like the first gen smart phone only has 320x240, no reason to compare this with LG unless you must play HD movie with your watch.

  • Anonymous

The LG smartwatch looks like my son's $20 Timex. Unless you watch a cheap watch for yourself.

  • Anonymous

I wear it from 8am to 8pm everyday, I get 65% - 73% left this week. It really depends on how often you look at the watch. I mainly use it for checking message and changing watch face, that's about it.

Charging a 300mah battery takes 45 minutes or so, it's about time to get a cheap Qi charge on ebay for office and car.

  • Nickolai

Will Qi Wireless Charger bundled with the watch be good for anything else, than charging the watch itself?

Frankly, I am not looking forward to buying another gadget that I _have_ to charge every night (I have my phone, thankyouverymuch), and only with its own charger, no less, but maybe if I could charge a phone AND a watch with the same wireless charger... then maybe I could go for the watch.

  • Dan

Although I mostly agree with this article, giving it a minus point because the competitors have higher pixel density is nonsense since more pixels != better.

More pixels will give you a clearer display but when you've reached +200 PPI, you wouldn't notice pixels unless you're looking for them, but it would however reduce the battery life significantly.

People will have to make up their mind, far more pixels than the eye can see, or better battery. I prefer the latter.

MotorolaMobility may have moved to lenovo.. but i thought Moto360 and Project Ara stayed with google..