Microsoft Lumia 535 and 535 Dual SIM review: A first of many

10 December 2014
It’s a Lumia like the rest of them. A new youth player promoted to the first team, which will have no trouble blending in. It’s just a different name on the familiar kit. Microsoft is starting from the bottom up – an entry level handset, no redesign to speak of...

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  • Anonymous

so bad , don't buy it

  • Mashura

Effie, 19 Jul 2020Does the nokia still working nowadays or it is already bloc... moreIs this phone ever going to work to open the apps and so on

  • Effie

Does the nokia still working nowadays or it is already blocked by its manufacturer and can no longer use?,
Or still, i really like to use this phone

  • Anonymous

Please upload Skype to my mobile .Windows Phone is just as good as what it is used for.most youngster use android it to download apps.

  • Masie

Why cant I set my phone in dual sim.It always respond with an error when trying to set both sim ways on dual som

  • Omid46

Dearest friends.Just good for $80 as the second reserved phone and testing Windows OS too!!Unfortunately here Microsoft hasn't offered surface 4 and coming surface 5 specifications!!!?No more my dearest!Omid12Omidvar,Justice Rights,....

  • megusa

How open the lock screen

  • helly

Love ❤ my 535 😎 Nokia

  • AnonD-389018

Shivam saini, 19 Oct 2016Please tell us lumia 535 does support on otg i know this ha... moreIt doesn't support otg, as per this article.

  • AnonD-389018

joban, 16 Apr 2016I can't get facebook,and watt sup next time search "whatsapp", you will get it.

  • Manoj

why recording vedio will be not copy &not remove to sd card.

  • Shivam saini

Please tell us lumia 535 does support on otg i know this hardware not support but tell the hardware how to do compatible on this function please tell

  • jithin sajeev

Good not bad..

  • jay

Can Lumia 535support otg pen drive pls ask me


I want to know about that LUMIA 535 that can support OTG or not please tell me

  • ash

Have sent a request how long till you answer

  • tessa

I need help my lumia jumps around when you tipe

  • Anonymous

Got the phone a year ago working well but now the camera is awful,blur and not clear....this is fraud

  • Anonymous

Well,but no so good phone because the battery backup is not so well as well as the camera too.Night clicks are not clear.Kindly Improve it and release a new one.

  • joban

I can't get facebook,and watt sup