Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime review: Mirror shot

12 December 2014
The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime has an ambitious name, but behind it is an ordinary midrange phone. It puts functionality ahead of screen fidelity, throwing all the pixels they could afford at the front facing camera instead. As with other Galaxy Grands...

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  • Anonymous

Anyone know if there is a problem running a flir one thermal imaging camera with this phone.? The flir works on other models of phones but not this Galaxy grand prime.

  • Anonymous

Nitesh kushwaha, 20 Mar 2019So bad running phone and hang this phoneTnxx broo

  • Sabrina

Not the top of the line phone, but it's been a good one for me. I've had it for over four years, and it's just starting to have problems (like not recognizing it has an SD card). The battery life is surprisingly still good. My only complaint with this phone is that the camera is very mediocre and there's not a lot of storage space, but those are problems that come with a cheaper phone.

  • Sakil

Why not on my phone key light...

  • Zubair

AnonD-720599, 05 Dec 2017Buy a microSD card and insert it into your phone. Go to setting... moreInternal storage to external storage

  • Nitesh kushwaha

So bad running phone and hang this phone

  • Original

Saeed, 11 Oct 2017My samsung grand prime mobile camera is can't work. In the resul... moreGo to camera settings

  • p

pogie, 10 Jan 2018Hi my Samsung Galaxy Prime is wiped off and cannot restart and f... morego to factory rest and clean out ur files and then restart the phone .t will be just like a new phone

  • TheRock

so bad .very slowly .and fail

  • me

don't buy cpu is weak not worth it

  • nus

can't picture phone will power off not good

  • Ese

I can't use other music as ringtone apart from the once in the phone

  • Anonymous

Not good. I am disappointed :(

  • TFoxx

I have had the Grand Prime (Dual Sim, unlocked) for years now. Not a single trouble. Battery lasts for days while most others barely make it through a day. When bought it I added a 128g SD card and screen protector and protective backing. Still working 100% with no problems.

  • mabs

I am tired off this phone..
memory is full bought 16G card..
I struggling to move my pics to memory card.
I don't have music, videos or games in this phone..

  • marvin

Show different colours of the phone u got

  • pogie

Hi my Samsung Galaxy Prime is wiped off and cannot restart and further the tutorial feature is on and I do not not know how to return it to the usual setup, please help

  • abhi

Please give its update as soon as you possible

  • abhi

Too much hang
plz give me solution

  • AnonD-720599

Buy a microSD card and insert it into your phone. Go to settings-storage-used space-applications. Click on the apps you've downloaded and click "move to SD card" for the all the ones that give you the option. You will only be able to move some or parts of the apps, but it will free up space. In the future all pictures/videos should be saved on the SD Card, freeing up space on your phone.