Oppo N3 review: Motor head

26 December 2014
The formula for the smartphone to top all others is the industry’s elusive philosopher stone. Being complete newbies, but keen as a bean, Oppo's take is perhaps the weirdest. Yet it seems to work. The standard ingredients include the latest chipset, a robust screen, and a high-megapixel camera...

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Sid, 25 May 2015Copy Of Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc sNo it isn't, this phone is nothing like the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S.

  • aj

Can,somebody.tell me how to use the finger scan button as a trackpad button

  • Sid

Copy Of Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc s

  • Dragon

Have owned my N3 since its release in Thailand,and I am most impressed with it. Love the camera, and finally a selfie camera that is not a cheep poor quality 3 or 5 meg. My previous phone was a "lemon 🍋 " Samsung Galaxy 5S that did constantly freeze. Delete images and videos, it was last seen flying across the room and bouncing off a wall or to after locking up and loosing a 10min video of my son. Love my OPPO N3


i cant see the video so am unable to say anything i was to learn

  • AnonD-385521

good news it's it in My budget.......

  • AnonD-385521

wow it's aswm phn i luv this phn oppo n3 it's your turn........it is 64 mp ultra hd picture.......superb camera good news is thr it is sd card slot

  • AnonD-385383

Its a amaizing phn but price is very high .

  • Chiru

Its a amaizing phn ....every feachers having dis phn .but price is very high.

  • Anonymous

Nearly a cm longer than a OnePlus One... whow...

  • Anonymous

Unknown, 27 Dec 2014So proud? Comment here about Oppo N3 after reviewing not th... moreFor battery life, why not say that the phone actually provides a charge that is almost the quickest in the world?

  • steven

AnonD-4340, 27 Dec 2014The N1 did make it outside china and i have tried one, and ... moremy wife owns an N1 and it looks very good and feels good, getting this as an upgrade for my wife =)

  • mixh cutie

Wooww I.like it

  • Green

Great Things:

1. It can capture with the Phone lay down flat on a table.
Good for Student/Executive who want to capture slides or record information in a meeting/presentation/class.
This is very useful for not distracting other while doing capturing or recording.

2. Best Selfie.

  • Gibby

I'm not gonna read this entire article (as this device will never become available where I live) - but one thing I will say is - this is one 'fugly' looking piece of technology :S

  • gotman

luv it

  • AnonD-345813

Why is the clockspeed of the processor the same as snapdragon 800 and not the same as the snapdragon 801 inside most of other mentioned phones?

  • AnonD-41872

In introduction it says phone has 2000mAh battery, but in battery life part it says phone has 3000mAh battery. Deducing from the poor battery life I can say it really has 2000mAh battery. But to be on safe side can you fix the mistake?

  • AnonD-4340

The N1 did make it outside china and i have tried one, and not only did it look stupid but it also looked cheap and felt cheap. The camera part is so weak and cheap. Oppo arent phones for most people, try one first before considering, do NOT order unseen. Remeber that reviewers use the phones for only short time in a predetermined pattern and do not use it in a way that can form an opinion on how it would be used day to day.

Be warned, Oppo will most likely disappoint you. Cheap yes, but for VERY good reasons.

  • AnonD-259899

Am not sure what the writer of this article is looking at, all those pictures have very low sharpness and a lot of noise. A big disappointment given the larger than average per pixel size.

Maybe crappy post processing to blame. Marcos seems good but then again just about all macros on most mid-high end phones look good anyway.

Need some RAW samples for comparison.