CES 2015: LG G Flex2 hands-on

5 January 2015
The CES press day kicked off with LG's announcement of the LG G Flex2 - the second generation curved phablet. It has a P-OLED screen, the latest Snapdragon 810 chipset with an octa-core processor and an improved self-healing rear cover...

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  • AnonD-358711

With this phone LG has great power to the other brands

  • AnonD-332464

And if you think about it, there are many 5.5' mid-range devices that rock a great 720 HD display.

  • xxx

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2015Why do companies spend so much resources in useless tech in... moreLOL

  • AnonD-303339

Why do you people insist with this insanity of saying that fullHD on a 5'screen is "low resolution"?

  • vjuricic

LG Flex 2 look like twin brother from OPPO Find 7 and OnePlus. Copy in full scale. :-)

  • Anonymous

i'm hoping they will bring back the 3D screen, and its gonna be my first LG phone.

  • neo

Awesome....This should had been the nexus 6. LG could had made better nexus phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2015IFan trolling?... Lol Accept it, this one is better, all... moreyou are correct
lg g flex the best phablet today

  • nemesh73

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2015IFan trolling?... Lol Accept it, this one is better, all... morebest comment ever

  • Anonymous

Taufik, 06 Jan 2015even 8 cores, still can't leave behind the phone with 2 cor... moreIFan trolling?... Lol

Accept it, this one is better, all manufacturers had the same chance of getting whatever chipset they want. Did you really believe that the "reign" of iphone 6 would last forever?

On plus of that this one was born bent, it is not a "disease" acquired later... Lol

  • AnonD-278667

ReMemeber that p-oled(g flex) and oled(note edge) are two diffrent screen tech...the g flex2 is fexible and it is the 1st p-oled with such high resolution 1080p mean while the note edge is an olded screen that was was curved by the manifacturer there for can not bend on every day life like the g flex...and its the reason why the note edge has a qhd display beacuse its an oled screen and not p oled...so the 810soc will be more noticable in the g flex thanks to the 1080p resolution.

  • AnonD-278667

Wow very nice innovation lg.the g flex2 back is glossy but doesnt atrract frngerprints due to it rear chemical components..also its has a p-oled screen so it bends front wards anfld back ward.so in the pocket to will striaghten becuase it a p oled screen and literaly bends to the pressure shape its given and not a curverd screen like the note edge.

  • AnonD-232131

Hmm, agree about the ugly glossy back. Ergonomics of a curved phone (in particular the ability to hide it in a pocket) are not great, but at least its innovative. They ruined it with the glossy finish though.

  • SoulJahBG

LG is one of the most innovative company that makes smartphones. First G2 - first pnone on european market (from the big brands) with OIS camera and a comfortable back keys. After that G Flex - first phone with real flexible screen (yes it can bend to flat screen and than back to curved) and self healing back cover. Then the G3 - first phone on the european market with 2k display and Laser (infrared) autofocus. Now G Flex 2 with better specs and better self healing back cover. Also LG's UI Android softwear is one of the best on the market. I used Samsung and HTC before, but LG is the best so far. And what's the point of curved screen? The point is that - it is much more easier to use with one hand and the visual experience is better (example Smart TVs curved screens). And all of that for a very descent price tag, not like overpriced Apple and Samsung phones. Have a nice day. :)

  • AnonD-171428

curved screen? super wow ... now all you need is pocket on your knee and try keeping that knee bent same as phone that's one use of curve,
second one is watch videos on curve screen and everything is lovely and curvy like all characters in video are curved girls are bent and curved sceneries are curved means the whole world is curved wow big big wow i'm extremely excited on this new curvy technology lol

  • AnonD-171428

i don't think I have seen anything worse looking than this in recent past, but got to praise specs

  • Anonymous

If by now you don't know the benefit of the Flex 2 curve, I must say all hope for you of understanding it is lost. It's been written so many times, by reviewers, readers and users, yet somehow people need to be spoon fed again.

  • Anonymous

Why do companies spend so much resources in useless tech innovations? I don't get the logic of having a curved screen on a mobile device. No practical benefit.

A:"Hey look at this, my new LG flex has curved Screen"
B: "Oh really?? what's the use/benefit of having this curved screen?"
A: "I don't know, but see it's curved... oh wow"

  • Anonymous

Qualcomm once again disappoints. Slower cpu than the exynos version released 6 months back, slightly faster than the exynos version of 1 year ago, significantly slower than Nvidia gpus. When would companies learn and stop supporting those sloppy engineers?

  • AnonD-346824