YotaPhone 2 review: Choose a side

27 January 2015
It may look like the YotaPhone 2 has lost the element of surprise but the sequel is actually trying to please the users the original wowed – and get a bigger crowd interested. The first generation was unexpected...

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  • AnonD-617648

hi guys incase you want to get the yotaphone don't I got it and under two months it had issues...and it restrts often ..I went on xda and lots of people had ISSUESSS! from the 14th of December 2016 all service centers around the world would stop fixing yotaphones. Secondly their Customer service is terrible and the phone easily developes problems. the first is you'll lose signal a lot and the second is the edp secondly screen would work partially. as tempting as the phone looks , the stress that comes with it outshine the benefits

  • Nani

When ill it come on latest specific feature 4g

  • Roysirji

cn we purchase

  • Big Daddy

When will the phone will be available ???

  • goodtry

This phone is made by ex-Nokia employees, know working in Russian mobilefirm located in Finland.

  • AnonD-362670

Disappointing your battery test, this phone deserved a dual test, in which we knew what his performance with electronic ink display.

  • DJ2000

This phone is exactly how I imagined the Amazon fire phone would be. If the E ink was a kindle reader it would sell well.

  • ...

Aanrii, 31 Jan 2015The name Yotaphone is a natty change of the name iPhone. Yo... moreNot true at all. I'm Greek, hence I know that you're making things up.

  • Hellfish

Sticking on the screen protector looks like a nightmare!!!

  • Aanrii

The name Yotaphone is a natty change of the name iPhone. Yota is letter i in Greek Language.

  • Khel

No SD Card slot... lol.

  • GauravParmar

Yotaphone is available under 200 Euro in India

  • AnonD-33428

Kurlander, 28 Jan 2015Only problem - high price!Yes, its an interesting device.. price is a big let down..

  • Anonymous

django, 28 Jan 2015waiting for samsung phones to have this feature :PWon't.. Samsung is only interested in gimmicks..

  • Kurlander

Only problem - high price!

  • AnonD-299139

6:23 hours of web browsing on the main screen. Web browsing however can be done on the e-ink screen too, as can most of the everyday functions such as text messaging, dialing people, etc. So what is the battery life if you use the e-ink screen like? I believe that this is the main selling point of the phone and what most readers want to find out on your otherwise very in depth review.

  • django

waiting for samsung phones to have this feature :P

  • Anonymous

Weird phone

  • Nag

It needs a Bumper case.

  • AnonD-328061

awesome guy!!!