MWC 2015: Sony Z4 Tablet, Xperia M4 Aqua, E4g hands-on

2 March 2015
Mobile World Congress is well under way and we stopped by Sony's stand to play around with whatever the Japanese company had prepared for us. We weren't disappointed, even though the tech giant...

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  • Jolz
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  • 20 Jan 2022

How do i connect my huaweii phone with sony smart watch3, google wear is doen't work anymore on my huawei phone any more, honnor vision.

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    • Chailee80
    • vF0
    • 02 Apr 2015

    If Sony can improve on the mediocre battery life offered by the other flagships as well as decent specs and sdcard support they can have my money :D

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      • AnonD-1034
      • uS}
      • 27 Mar 2015

      Sony now and then,forever theTrue King!

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        • Cmasy
        • 32Q
        • 26 Mar 2015

        Liquid cooling at last for mobile phones :-)

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          • AnonD-377009
          • TSQ
          • 20 Mar 2015


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            • Anonymous
            • vwe
            • 17 Mar 2015

            grat job

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              • ar
              • H4X
              • 15 Mar 2015

              i love sony

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                • mir
                • uSW
                • 10 Mar 2015

                darkraver, 04 Mar 2015Sorry to dissapoint you hating folks: http://blogs.sonym... moreGood to know thay sony fanboys are still alive and well...

                I actually like sony though and planning on getting the M4 aqua so I won't be afraid of getting caught out in the rain when cycling.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • KAe
                  • 07 Mar 2015

                  z4 will have waterproofing and sd card.sure.and e4g is the most balanced entry level phone that people can depend on. instead of self annihilating chinese cheap phones,i would go with this.and yeah-my 1st phone was a samsung and the nonsensical hang phone made my resolution stronger never to go for a happy with my t2ultra.

                    • k
                    • k anthony
                    • s82
                    • 05 Mar 2015

                    Looks great

                      Ajit, 04 Mar 2015Sony is fooling us by sellin products which r low in specif... more?!
                      Was that supposed to be trolling comment?!
                      So bad, practice more...

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                        • Ajit
                        • rAV
                        • 04 Mar 2015

                        Sony is fooling us by sellin products which r low in specifications as compared to other products

                          dexterouz, 02 Mar 2015Keep showing all the devices inside water... company is hea... moreSorry to dissapoint you hating folks:


                          Sony is staying, and hopefully getting on your nerves even more :-)

                          They just outed the best flagship tab wonder, and all around best midranger with a very competitive good pricing
                          And Redefining production, and marketing with new marketing managment...

                          :-) :-P

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                            • TechSmart
                            • LfC
                            • 03 Mar 2015

                            from Portugal, 02 Mar 2015-No wireless Charging? -Did they also removed the magneti... moreit does have a magnetic charging port. it just ows;t show on this pictures. the magnetic charging port is in the same location. it's on the bottom of sony xperia z4 tablet.

                              darkraver, 02 Mar 2015And you are an all grown expert in... crap talk Gosh you ... moreOn addition, some of my friemds still happily usin Sony erricson phones like arc and ray, everything working, a bit slow now, but working...

                              So please, add some meat to your crap statement about sammy being better than sony...
                              You just like to crap-hate reply me, always, anywhere...
                              Cherrish the love :-D. :-P

                                AnonD-4340, 02 Mar 2015"lets be clear"? LOL, kids feeling adult here. ... moreAnd you are an all grown expert in...
                                crap talk
                                Gosh you can crap :-D

                                Samsung makes shitty hardware, oled screen that burnin after 3 years, speakers failing after guarantee wears off....
                                I should know, my bro got him a Sammy smart tv, and had oldman had some sammy midranger ( cant remember which, there are thousands of sammy models ) and his usb charger fell out, my wifes friend had sammy neo grand and after a year mainboard fried dead....

                                Crap uncomparable low quality products compared to sony
                                Deal with it fanny

                                  AnonD-4340, 02 Mar 2015The removal of the side bezels on iPad Air was the best tha... moreAhah, android old fashioned...
                                  and you talk about stupidity :-D .
                                  Oh, some people...

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                                    • from Portugal
                                    • phr
                                    • 02 Mar 2015

                                    -No wireless Charging?
                                    -Did they also removed the magnetic charging port?
                                    -What about the DK docks (with agnetic charging ports) ?
                                    -Same Camera (no changes)?
                                    im sad :(

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 4ST
                                      • 02 Mar 2015

                                      AnonD-4340, 02 Mar 2015"lets be clear"? LOL, kids feeling adult here. ... moreSorry, but shame company is not better than SONY.
                                      I have seen and understand most shame cells look pretty with useless features... but what matters is what is inside and how they respond in real world environments!

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                                        • AnonD-4340
                                        • Kg%
                                        • 02 Mar 2015

                                        darkraver, 02 Mar 2015Lets be clear, anything is better than Samsung phones... I... more"lets be clear"? LOL, kids feeling adult here.

                                        Why cant you ever give any concrete reasons for your statements? If youre an Xperia fan you cannot come here and say anything bad about any other brands and expect anyone to buy your story. We know too well that all you evenr had is Z1 Compact and yet you pretend you know anything about other brands similar midrangers. I will never again buy Samsung phone for myself but they are a lot better than Sony.