Meizu m1 note review: A major scale

27 March 2015
The stuff floating in the wake of a flagship – minis, phablets, all sorts of spinoffs. Everyone does it, trying to capitalize on the novelty and the excitement. Meizu moves in a different way. To begin with, it has what’s probably the smallest squad for the season...

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Subtitles are supported, but our unit had some issue with the encoding - regardless of the subtitles language, we always got Chinese characters. - GSMARENA

NO, you can play all subtitles, but before transfer them to phone you have to open them on the PC with Note and convert them to UTF-8.

    • D
    • AnonD-376219
    • ajT
    • 30 Mar 2015

    Anonymous, 28 Mar 2015Respect the copy right. Come up with something original wou... moreMeizu copied their own design
    The original Meizu MX was announced in April 2012.
    So Apple are the ones who copied Meizu.

      • n
      • nikolas
      • 0mn
      • 29 Mar 2015

      AnonD-209094, 28 Mar 2015Why not call it what it really is? This device isnt attempt... moreApple copy Meizu look MX2!!!

        • N
        • Neb
        • mxZ
        • 29 Mar 2015

        Anyone has any idea when one is coming to UK?

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • qLm
          • 28 Mar 2015

          Respect the copy right. Come up with something original would you meizu?

            • D
            • AnonD-376219
            • ajU
            • 28 Mar 2015

            Anonymous, 28 Mar 2015I dont like iPhones but I prefer the original than this cop... moreMeizu did NOT copy Apple. The Meizu m1 Note looks like thier old Meizu MX phone that was released a year before the Iphone 5c.

            So Apple were the ones who copied Meziu and Nokia.

              • D
              • Dharmendra
              • XN5
              • 28 Mar 2015

              which one mobile should i buy......Meizu m1 note or Hawai Honor 4x..For Best selfie camera....

                • D
                • AnonD-246216
                • 7Xc
                • 28 Mar 2015

                What a beautiful phone! Other OEMs must take note...

                  Note? Really?! I don't see any mention of an active digitizer. Another generic China-made ripoff.

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • PwX
                    • 28 Mar 2015

                    I dont like iPhones but I prefer the original than this copy.
                    I think that this phone is for chinese people that cant afford an iPhone.

                      • D
                      • AnonD-209094
                      • m7I
                      • 28 Mar 2015

                      Why not call it what it really is? This device isnt attempting to hide its true nature, an iPhone 6 Plus copy, and it fails at it.

                        • A
                        • Angry Mobile Nerd
                        • tDb
                        • 28 Mar 2015

                        Meizu's lower priced phones are actually too good. It's an uncommon problem but it's most likely the reason why they had to recently lower the price of the MX4 Pro; to compete with... themselves!

                          • C
                          • Chuck
                          • xm@
                          • 28 Mar 2015

                          Great thorough review as always! Could you also test image quality in low light situations? That has been a warning sign on Chinese reviews and it's the only thing stopping me from buying this awesome value phone..

                            • r
                            • regs
                            • JHW
                            • 28 Mar 2015

                            Rosa, 27 Mar 2015Maybe you should say that this phone doesn´t work wit... moreyeah, lack of lte 800 support is quite important and should be noted.

                            in other way, if you are not in europe, it's a good phone merging nokia and meizu designs. the one that was blatantly ripped off by apple.

                              • V
                              • Victor
                              • LuF
                              • 27 Mar 2015

                              I just got mine yesterday from AliExpress for $200 (to Mexico).
                              Best phone I've ever owned (I haven't owned many phones, actually).

                              I don't wanna make a review here, but it's totally worth the money. The specs and the performance are amazing, fast as hell. The camera is gorgeous and the screen is beautiful.

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • qLm
                                • 27 Mar 2015

                                Between galaxy note 4 and iPhone

                                  • S
                                  • SDKforLumia
                                  • KIA
                                  • 27 Mar 2015

                                  Great device
                                  BTW, do correction please, Lumia 640XL has a 5.7 inches screen, not a 5.5

                                    • t
                                    • tumama
                                    • LC8
                                    • 27 Mar 2015

                                    it has the same endurance rating as the galaxy s6 and this phone has a bigger battery

                                      • B
                                      • BobbySimha
                                      • YTd
                                      • 27 Mar 2015

                                      GSM team will you please suggest a perfect Midranger ? You comparing a 160$ phone with 300$ phone , comparing with C3 is waste of time ! What is the logic behind the comparison ? Compare This Beauty With Under $200 Smartphones , that will be more better and Specific .
                                      There isn't any Powerfull and FeatureRich Smartphones At $160 , so Definitly Meizu M1 Note Is The " PERFECT MIDRANGER" . no one can beat It when considering the Price Tag .

                                        • R
                                        • Rosa
                                        • i5N
                                        • 27 Mar 2015

                                        Maybe you should say that this phone doesn´t work with the best LTE band (800 Mhz) ... so for me it's not worth it.