LG AKA review: Eye contact

17 April, 2015
Phones can talk to you and even talk back to you. Every now and then, they might even say something funny. Your phone knows where you are and what youíre doing. Your phone is always watching. Now, look at your phone. Itíll look back...

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  • boo

i am 24 and i love cutee stuff whish it was here in Belize and it wasnt to costly i would definately buy it just caz it sounds fun

  • AnonD-406005

Addu, 22 Jun 2015Hi there, Were can i get this phone ? I dont find its availibit... morethis phone is everywhere in south korea just go over and get, its got super and attractive ui ):

  • Addu

Hi there,
Were can i get this phone ? I dont find its availibity online niether at LG stores...

  • SSKM

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2015I know now that each one of the 4 LG AKA has its own different n... moreSorry, you can't, the personality is based on the color back case that you are using, you can only change to either one of the personality if you have the other 3 colors back case. For example, You can't get (Yoyo)Pink color's eye when you are using (Eggy)Yellow color back case.

  • Anonymous

Hmm coc cant play even if it is 4g....so slow...haiii

  • Teju


Hope it will be available in Indian Market soon

  • AnonD-392546

looks good, but comes in india?

  • Anonymous

I know now that each one of the 4 LG AKA has its own different name, color, character and personality. But is it possible to have Eggy, Wooky, YoYo and Soul personalities (meaning the eye styles and themes) on one same device?

  • best

best mobile ever so cute ... my siamese cat eyes are like that too so i am going to buy it aawwww .. nice lg :)

  • AnonD-377198

Looks like angry bird!

  • ramur

very good mobile,

  • Anonymous

I want to have this phone. The phone would be better if they allowed the user to change the shape of eyes regardless of the character chosen.

LG should have made the phone much cuter by making it have animal ears on top of the phone and some animal mouth on top of the lid surface to give it a real face. Too cute I want one.

  • joe sHmoe

This would be a wonderful gift for my niece's.

  • Anonymous

This is going to feel awkward when using the phone to fap... This judging eyes...

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

They should've partnered with McDonald's to make these the next line of Happy Meal toys. Collect all 4!

  • Anonymous

i want this as gift for my two younger sisters

very nice phone

  • Primark

I like the concept of this phone... Besides maybe this can be progressed to an always on virtual assistant.

  • Anonymous

ithehappy, 17 Apr 2015Is this device meant for nuts?Meant for normal people execpt those who always look down on others...

  • Anonymous

Anyway, an interesting attempt


  • Anonymous

I like this phone