Xiaomi Mi 4i review: Hands down

10 June 2015
The Xiaomi Mi 4i was designed to be an affordable semi-flagship, but tries to punch above its weight. The Mi 4i is thinner, lighter and more connected than the original, and lands straight on Android Lollipop...

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  • Anonymous

I have mi4i phone but this battery is not colluity

  • Dhivyananatham

م&#15, 26 Nov 2017 I have purchased mi 4i phone before 1 month.... It's heat... moreSim4G on only 3G than OK

  • Ayushthapa

Dr B N Mandal, 25 Aug 2017I have mi4i 16GB set since 2years . One week before it has ... moreI have purcharsed in 1 month mi4i is heating fast and storage also low and battery drain fast aren't able to play pubg mobile

  • م&#15

I have purchased mi 4i phone before 1 month.... It's heating ..... Facing hanging problem..... from digikala


  • Pappu

I have purchased mi 4i phone before 1 month.... It's heating ..... Facing hanging problem..... It suck battery very soon.....

  • Dr B N Mandal

I have mi4i 16GB set since 2years . One week before it has lost its IMEI number by which
It's network is not working & jio seam does not accept
I had given it to down load an another IMEI number to a service engineer.
Is it justified or there is some another option? Please guide me properly.
Thanks ,your early reply into the matter will be highly solicited .

  • Anonymous

How to update miui 9??

  • KK

Can i use sim card either of the one as a memory card.

  • Anonymous

Saga, 18 Dec 2016Mi4i is a 4g phone ?yes 4g lte

  • Saga

Mi4i is a 4g phone ?

  • AnonD-610222

Is ther any body to help me ......

  • AnonD-610222

hi ....my battery is drying too fast ...can i downgrade to miui7

  • nicky

I have delete music on my mi4i how to get it back please help me.

  • AnonD-534303

Am a user of Mi4i for past 8 months.Still amazed how a lowest budget phone can give all tge specifications of high end phones.... Rather than little heat the mobile is a magic.You can buy without a second thought.

  • khushi

I have purchased this phone before 15 days....its heating a lot and its speed is so slow...and I m facing hanging problem also...it was a very bad idea to opt redmii mi4i...

  • Vid

It is a very good phone at affordable price.Unfortunately a small fall from my hand has caused the front camera to give blurred picture. Battery,picture quality of camera,voice,music,apps all are too good. It is really a phone worth buying if you do not watch videos very frequently
Vidyashankar S

  • aki

if any battery problem means what to do

  • Anonymous

nice hendset .............very very good ............

  • sam narud

i think its a good decent phone when you know how to make it...im still on mi4i miui7 7.1.1 global/stable rooted...good back up phone that last 6hrs SoT and 15hrs stanby time...no lag good screen resolution the only cons is the charging that takes a long time for almost 3hrs on charging and 2hrs off charging...but personally its good for a one hand phone...

  • roshan

Bought mi4i from flipkart for 8500rs last october. After 3 months phone started heating while making/receiving calls. Started headache while calling, its a clear indication of high radiation. I discontinued the phone. I had run after best budget phones, Who knows which vital organs are affected by its radiation tomorrow.
The real fact is, the bulk products which have small defects are sold as bulk in online sites, and offer great reduction in price, On the contrary side second hand mobiles on market reduce their selling rate, so they offer mobile exchange offer for 1/4th the real price.
I sold my mi4i(Ironbox) in olx for 1/2 price. I have learned a lot from mobile market.
Now my final dream is iphone 4 or 5. Cost effective, reliable, safe radiation level.