Huawei P8lite review: Style on a budget

03 August, 2015
Huawei has long had a spot on the smartphone map, devices like the P8 and Mate 7 trying really hard to break new ground in the premium segment. Refined exterior and competitive specs but not quite competitive price points, Huawei wants to be a brand driven by quality, not discounts.

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  • Kakumacharia

Sthembisoh, 25 Aug 2019Huawei p8 is using how many simcard?The phone has goog features and is also easy to use.

  • Anonymous

Nasir, 11 May 2019I use p8lite last 3years no issue is found excellent mobileHow is the camera

  • Sthembisoh

Huawei p8 is using how many simcard?

  • Anonymous

Purchased one of these phones a few years ago and was a good deal for the price. But one day the wifi just stopped working and hasn't been able to connect since. Now have decided to upgrade

  • Nasir

I use p8lite last 3years no issue is found excellent mobile

  • Asparagus88

Hi, im using p8lite from end of 2015 until now. Lot of problem here, such as wifi/hotspot cannot connect. Network connection sometimes have problem with it no network, the performance of this phone is good anyway. And sometims have lag,apps issues u have to factory format and it will be like new.But nowadays better take a new generation of smartphone more better. Oh, i change to other phone already.

  • Julia

I have had this phone for almost 3 years (in November gets 3 years). I've recently upgraded to Android 6.0, and although everything works ok, I miss the option to set a fake password and hide messages, applications, calls from anyone. So you would give them your "public" password and they would've never invaded your privacy. It's a middle ranged phone, don't expect high quality, but I never had problems with it. I also play lots of games. It gets hot, and sometimes it doesn't work very smooth, but for less than 200 euros, it is the best phone I could have. The selfie camera in the front has a wide angle and this is very cool. I love this phone.

  • Innocent

My p8 is not deleting unwanted contacts, help

  • ody

AnonD-423978, 04 Aug 2015the P8 lite is taking us to the dark age with no OTG support.P8lite vs Honor 4x...?

I choose Honor 4x

  • ody

Rarebat, 06 Nov 2017WiFi dies after 4 months and Huawei only give 3 months warrenty ... moreMine (indonesian version marsmallow) wifi & hotspot not connect. wifi module been replaced once, but few months later get same wifi issue again :( . And my warranty now is end.

Battery reduced fast even in Power-Off. I dont why...

But camera is most i like.. its good in pure color photo and in macro shot too

Hardware wifi & battery is bad.
Regret to buy this.

  • AnonD-725747

I have had my P8Lite for two years and prefer it over my two previous phones. However, 2GB Ram is not sufficient. If you have any app running and then want to use the keyboard, eg to send a txt, the keyboard keeps being hidden due to lack of memory. Quite frustrating. Hence I am in the process of choosing a new phone and won't go for a Lite version again. Also, 16Gb is insufficient, even with a 16Gb Sd card as well.

  • Anonymous

how can make a 3g call

  • Rarebat

WiFi dies after 4 months and Huawei only give 3 months warrenty on repairs. Dead twice. Leave it alone. Waste of money.
Huawei go back to check na where you belong

  • winlwin

Anoop Raj, 04 Jun 2017Huawei p8 lte very nice. I love this mobile. I using now 1-year... moreI don't power down.

  • Anoop Raj

Huawei p8 lte very nice. I love this mobile. I using now 1-year there is no issue.

  • AnonD-673789

did any body face a problem such as mine !!!!
my p8-lite is became "curved" after few days riding my new bike.
i always put my huawei in the back pocket and i even forget to remove it from there sometimes,
but lately i bought a motorcycle and i could notice that my p8-lite form has been changed...
please help...

  • س&#159


  • Mac

Yes all very jolly till something goes wrong. My Hauwei P8lite has now decided that bluetooth and WiFi are just too hard and won't connect anymore. A truly boring feature. I've rebooted twice according to best available advice on the web but no joy. I did like the logic of Hauwei and the simplicity of use. Can't wait till the China developers bring out the snap on android -maybe platforms will be more stable when they're not trying to be accessed by a horde of apps I neither need nor want.

  • Anonymous

Ikram , 06 Jun 2016Yes it does have a notification light at the top left side of th... moreDownload a keyboard from google play

  • A.m

Janith, 16 Aug 2016Can't upgrade to marshmallow yet.yes afcourse update marshmallow