Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 hands-on: First look

31 August, 2015
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 is the Korean giant’s latest entry into the market for premium full-size tablets. Launched alongside a compact variant with 8” display, the ultra-thin newcomer is aimed squarely at Apple’s iPad family in its segment.

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  • Dazzer877
  • nGq
  • 20 Nov 2019

Ronnie, 06 Jan 2017Problem about slow charging batt is still in the the bush. ... moreMist likely you got the WiFi only model

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    • Proton
    • XMW
    • 28 Mar 2019

    I don't have sim slot, how do I access internet?

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      • Dan
      • Lfs
      • 19 Feb 2017

      platonas, 12 Oct 2015It is a good Tablet and I am glad to see the new screen rat... moreLOL all tablets should have 16:9 or 16:10 ratio instead of 4:3. Movies these days are made to watch in 16:9 not in 4:3 where you can see bars not full screeen and yes if you trigger full screen watching movies or playing games in a 4:3 ratio it looks stretched out or if not it looks like you forced it to fit in the 4:3 aspect ratio. So its ugly bro. Look how TVs evolved to 4:3 to 16:9 aspect ratio coz 4:3 sucks... im not a fan of 16:9 ratios but no mattter what 4:3 sucks its like from old age or something. But hey its an honest review

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        • Ronnie
        • inE
        • 06 Jan 2017

        Problem about slow charging batt is still in the the bush.
        I muself loaded "Task Manager" to fix it..ok.guys..but it might b several factors to get this done all tab s2..such as use SS adapter only/ a best well known "BB adapter with cable stick with its own" 5v=2.1mAp..

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          • अ&#235
          • YQE
          • 06 Apr 2016

          सम्सुन्ग is vary good

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            • Alka
            • YQE
            • 06 Apr 2016

            Khan M Zubair, 03 Nov 2015Design is ok. But price is little highgood

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              • Khan M Zubair
              • YW2
              • 03 Nov 2015

              Design is ok. But price is little high

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                • platonas
                • Sjt
                • 12 Oct 2015

                It is a good Tablet and I am glad to see the new screen ratio of 4:3, the main reason I still own an Apple tablet. For all those years in the past I never understood why tablets (and notebooks) should had a 16:9 screens.
                Anyway, Samsung still needs a small upgrade to make me leave my iPad and buy their tabs.
                To my opinion the main serious features for a good tablet are: screen ration of 4:3, a pen for precise drawing and selection, a good CPU/GPU power, connectivity and the overall quality.

                The Galaxy S2 lags the s-pen. It is still a toy or simply an entertainment tablet.

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                  • jay
                  • uw4
                  • 04 Sep 2015

                  launch date

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                    • AnonD-290744
                    • 6k$
                    • 02 Sep 2015

                    Where is next generation 10.1 Note tablet edition? Still using 2014 edition and is still the best and only productivity orientated tablet. Would need few improvements only to be prefect device.

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                      • AnonD-275180
                      • krA
                      • 02 Sep 2015

                      I can't wait to see the decreased profit share of Samsung after they crippled all of their premium devices.

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                        • AnonD-95812
                        • njc
                        • 02 Sep 2015

                        Still have galaxy tab s,...this is laggy like it, sure!!!!!bah!!!laggy isn't even enough!!!!

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                          • AnonD-102946
                          • Jh8
                          • 01 Sep 2015

                          couldnt samsung reserve a new(letter) Line for 4:3 & leave S series alone .. always preferred 16:10 or 16:9 AR .. 4:3 is kinda old and aside from browsing its serves nothing.. not even appropriate for youtube

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                            • Here'sToChange
                            • iwp
                            • 01 Sep 2015

                            this is full copy of apple's ipad air 2! sounds like apple users have nothing to worry about, LOL

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                              • AnonD-435767
                              • 0dh
                              • 01 Sep 2015

                              After reading this, I am so glad I have the S 10.5. Prefer screen ratio, density, led flash and dont see a need for more cpu power as mine has never lagged. Ihave an S5 phone, and do use them together, but there are plenty of times the tablet is in my hands and i use it for a quick photo. I also use it to photo documents, and can better see what I am doing (old eyes).

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                                • AnonD-418405
                                • X05
                                • 01 Sep 2015

                                If announcing a product they should announce just 1 to 2 weeks before launch

                                and then launch the product

                                for cheapest price so that there is no competetion

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                                  • mir
                                  • 7Xc
                                  • 01 Sep 2015

                                  Stondec100, 01 Sep 2015Not interested in any non Note Tablet. Why the heck would... moreBecause they are indeed copying apple... But you're right. Why won't they just make every tablet with an S-pen? That would be awesome.

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                                    • kev
                                    • JD4
                                    • 01 Sep 2015

                                    isthisjoke, 31 Aug 2015The camera of the Tab S2 has no LED flash??,WTF Samsung!!.The camera has an aparture of 1.9!

                                      Not interested in any non Note Tablet.
                                      Why the heck wouldn't they just make all Note tablets (and shut the mindless drones always chanting that they're copying Apple).
                                      I would buy only if they make a very high end Note tablet with screen at least 12.2 inches with at least 64gb of internal storage or preferably 128gb of internal storage, otherwise when my Note pro 12.2 dies, I'll be getting a Microsoft Surface.

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                                        • mir
                                        • 7Xc
                                        • 01 Sep 2015

                                        They might as well buy some ipad air 2 tablets. Repaint and then rebrand them as the samsung tab s2. But they might've already done so with this one.