Vivo X5Pro review: Proficient

09 September, 2015
Another one in a long line of X5 models, the vivo X5Pro is perhaps the most balanced of the bunch. All the others have a defining feature: the X5Max is the thinnest, its Platinum edition has a humongous battery...

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  • Anonymous
  • vwe
  • 11 Jul 2016

mindblowing phone......... very very nice butiful phone

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    • Anonymous
    • u1f
    • 27 Jun 2016

    Best phone I ever had.. Vivo!!!

      • k
      • kalpesh Telisara
      • tUp
      • 30 Nov 2015

      Dont compare X5pro to other brand
      Mindblowing phone

        • H
        • Hasan
        • X0K
        • 26 Nov 2015

        About camera explain me

          • A
          • Abhi
          • rKy
          • 21 Nov 2015

          I love X5Pro Totally Superb :-)

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            • Madhu
            • 7tZ
            • 22 Sep 2015

            Very very nice phone

              • y
              • yadav
              • 7tZ
              • 22 Sep 2015

              Wow in my life 1st time I using very very superb phone with out hanging

                • R
                • Rizwan
                • X0A
                • 14 Sep 2015

                vivo X5 pro it's fantastic mobile phone in indian market music, camera it's superb & display quality mind blowing touch very soft & user interface like iPhone overall very good I love this phone it's awesome

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                  • AnonD-142922
                  • StU
                  • 11 Sep 2015

                  [deleted post]Come oon you don't know how to type vivo x5 pro in aliexpress search box?

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                    • AnonD-142922
                    • mxx
                    • 09 Sep 2015

                    AnonD-142922, 09 Sep 2015Thank you Garena for this review of X5Pro ! I own this de... moreAbout Display:
                    Mine version of amoled is very bright ... looks like SD615 version is really chipped out !

                    About User Interface:
                    As been mentioned unlocking phone sliding up ONLY is not true as phone has Wallpaper & Font section in settings where you can change unlocking style. e.g. swiping to the right similar to iphone.

                    About Performance:
                    Here is additional mine test results and I really can't believe how SD615 perform so horribly!
                    Mine results exceeds all those phones what you shown in performance section !

                    About Sound quality:
                    Yes the X5Max has better audio quality because it contains Yamaha chip ..

                    About Camera :
                    Again ! In your reviewed version UHD photography is missing which I have it in my version
                    And that makes 8Mpx camera runs as double !! so like 16mpx !
                    The picture is very crisp NO ONE phone shoots UHD only X5Pro MTK version !
                    The picture has 20MB file.

                    About Video Recording:
                    Video recording is very impressive ! I would say there is stabilization where in photography I think image stabilization missing .. need to be very steady but video recording is awesome
                    And AGAIN mine video recording has audio captured in 128kbps not 96kbps

                    About special feature:
                    Of course reviewed version lacks of Eye ID recognition which I have in mine MTK version !
                    It is very good feature you can lock and unlock any app with it .. in future it will be used for unlocking phone or for paying purposes I suppose

                    One drawback !
                    I must say that mine version comes with lesser battery capacity which is 2300mAh and SD615 version comes with 2450mAh .. Which supposed to be other way round !
                    Mine version has slightly worse battery and it is definitely not 67h like this version been tested .. I would reckon 55h this is only what buggers me ..

                    All updated pictures of testings and features are here :

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                      • AnonD-142922
                      • mxx
                      • 09 Sep 2015

                      Thank you Garena for this review of X5Pro !
                      I own this device and it is very good device !
                      I am bit disappointed you didn't mention that this device released in other version and it is with MTK chipset MT6752 which is much much faster than SD615 !
                      And unlike this version my version supports Eye ID and you can shoot pictures in UHD mode so in 2k resolution (picture has 20MB)
                      Here are antutu specs and HW specs of X5Pro MTK version
                      I have purchased X5Pro here :