Samsung Galaxy J7 review: Jeans & jacket

18 September, 2015
The smartphone jungle can be confusing, but the Samsung Galaxy J7 is surprisingly easy to decipher: J for "affordable price" and 7 for "big screen". This is the lite version of the Galaxy A7, offering semi-premium features but confined to the midrange. Another way to look at it is as an E7 Plus.

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  • Anonymous

Jes, 19 Sep 2015Compared with redmi note 2 and in conclusion its not there waht ... moreRedmi note 2 is not available elsewhere than china

  • Jes

Compared with redmi note 2 and in conclusion its not there waht a pity GsmA..

  • Anonymous

that camera display looks like iphone ... oh wait... android already did that since 1999

  • SDKforLumia

someone please explain to me, "The difference to Galaxy A7's 1080p screen is for the most part cosmetic but the practical difference is quite big - you get 20% more space for apps and web pages on the A7."
I just don't get it, how more resolution provides more space? Anyone here?

  • Ketelbinkie

Nokia has color schemes for amoled displays since ages already. Nokia is so much better. Also I thought samsung would NOT release so many phones this year butbthey still release a couple of devices every week. They have releeased more phones than Motorola and Nokia together and even then you need a third manufacturer to equal the number of phones that samsung has released since it started. Ridiculous.

  • TeD

Had it for 2 weeks in Thailand. Good phone with very good cameras but speaker is way too soft. 250 $

  • Anonymous

No gorilla glass!! NOT mention by gsmarena,which is the biggest let down these days in Samsung budget phones