Samsung Galaxy J7 review: Jeans & jacket

18 September, 2015
The smartphone jungle can be confusing, but the Samsung Galaxy J7 is surprisingly easy to decipher: J for "affordable price" and 7 for "big screen". This is the lite version of the Galaxy A7, offering semi-premium features but confined to the midrange. Another way to look at it is as an E7 Plus.

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  • kaine

AnonD-498370, 18 Aug 2016 this is the second post regarding Samsung Galaxy j7 I have been... moretry to wipe cache partition & factory reset the phone (you must do this after every big update)

  • AnonD-408004

It's been a very good experience with this handset. I've been using it since last 5 months and till now it is good. From last few weeks, it started to get slow, I've been experiencing slow performance issues with it, like lags, screen blank for seconds, etc., Thanks to following post:­/

That helped me a lot.

Now, it is running good. I love this handset.


  • AnonD-592307

Add the finger touch system to J7 ... it will make it mor efficient to users....

  • Anonymous

Farse language have

  • Jeni

I bought Samsung Galaxy j7...I totally disappointed bcz their is no LED notification and I don't found hidden file option..and also it's selfie camera is not good

  • Gobinda

J7 mobile so so good. Heavy smart

  • Kacs

Cowboy, 12 Sep 2016I just purchased a J7 and can't seem to find how to zoom in on a... moreMobile Noob check for utube or google it

  • ravi raj

Super h

  • Cowboy

I just purchased a J7 and can't seem to find how to zoom in on an object. I am not camera savy, so it may be something simple. I can't figure it out.
Any ideas?

  • AnonD-580325

I bought Samsung Galaxy J7 2015 series and am totally disappointed with the ringing volume of the phone. It is very low. One can hear the phone ringing a bit better only if it is kept upside down. Not expected of Samsung as this is very basic.......................

  • Anonymous

Don't buy the Samsung Galaxy J7 if you want LED notifications, I have been going around and around with Samsung for months due to the LED not working. This manual states the LED indicator is suppose to work on the phone. Page 5­606/20160628020328299/VGN_PPD_SM-J700P_Galaxy-J7­_EN_UM_MM_6.0_FINAL_WAC.pdf However technicians state this is not enabled on these phones. This is false advertisement and very disappointing that I use this option as a way of notifications and can't. This is not a way to conduct business. I have talked to corporate relations and they state there is nothing that can be done, no refunds, no credits, no exchange of phones because it wasn’t purchased directly through them. They are all trained in canned responses. This is absolutely ridiculous. If you are advertising a function that is suppose to work and it doesn’t all the products should be shipped back or an exchanged policy implemented.

  • Anonymous

Now my J7 Mobile is upgrading in marshmello OS... this OS upgrade on that day onwards my mobile is hanging, and processor is very slow to use..plz help me to solve this problem..

  • Rafio

It's a great phone. exceptionally longer battery life & camera is very good.

  • AnonD-576744

Worst phone I've ever used. It restarts on its own even when I'm making a call. I went to the service centre and they said it wad probably a virus from my old sd card.I changed the sd card and the problem persisted. They eventually replaced the phone on warranty and it seemed three problem was over. However few weeks later, it starred again. Once I have cash, I'll drop it and buy another brand. I'M DONE WITH SAMSUNG PHONES!!!

  • Anonymous

Hi, which is better the note3 or the j7?

  • rizvi

i bought samsung galaxy j7 from kolkata and i saw at first day the picture quality camera is very bad after that i went to service centre in tata( jharkhand) because i live in tata in service centre my mobile is carried to repair the camera i feel very bad for performance of this mobile

  • AnonD-498370

this is the second post regarding Samsung Galaxy j7 I have been using it for the last 5 months and it works pretty fine . Battery is good camera quality is also good working interface interface is really good but after Marshmallow update I have facing just one problem .2G connectivity is not working properly and that's leads to unable to getting calls and SMS from others anyone facing the same problem?

  • Chalimansi

Mine last for 1d 15hrs max on mobile data facebook utube and ppsspp.

  • AnonD-561341

Please help me....I cant change picture of any of my contact..It can only be appeared as an alphabet

  • nicosam

Re-post for the 2nd time - Bought J7 from metro 3 weeks ago and I thought I got the 2016 version due to 2Gb RAM, Marshmalllow 6.0.1 and NFC feature. But the cpu is not the latest octocore 1.7 but only 1.5Ghz. The model # here says: J700T1 . Can someone explain in further details on this confussion - Thanks