Samsung P310 review: Style, chromium and leather

28 February 2007
The size of a credit card, a luxurious look, plenty of functions and a leather case with a built-in battery are some of the characteristics of Samsung P310. Stylish and fashionable phones created to represent their owners are nowadays occupying a significant share of the mobile market.

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  • 24 Feb 2015

a1, 01 Mar 2007Typically for Samsung - -nice looking device, high-qualit... morethe witcher game

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    • Jack
    • M{g
    • 20 Oct 2008

    Love this 'little' device, with all its shortcomings - just because of the size, great music player and good picture and movie quality. Just purchased my second one (my wife smashed the first one during a fight!). What irritates me the most is the wake up alarm - there is no 'snooze' option. Just need to wait till the little guy finishes playing the tune for the preset (hardcoded) alarm time length.

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      • Anonymous
      • 4R1
      • 17 Feb 2008

      This is a great phone! Not perfect but what is? You give up a little signal (at least in the USA because its only 900/1800/1900 so you lose the 850 band, but its still ok signal just not great) and the battery life is a day at best without the clunky case attached. But the phone plays music absolutely great thru the bluetooth headphones and the video is like a good tv. features are easy to use once you get used to them and the phone is the coolest phone out there for its style size, nothing else on the market comes close.... so for those of you that think you like it, you will!!!

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        • garfield
        • Tmp
        • 12 Jul 2007

        hello every1,
        i was amazed w/ all your comments. i would say all your comments are true and correct that no one can contest about it. that's your opinion and so be it. i just wanna share my little experience working over different mobile brands. i agree that nokia is a userfriendly nowadays as it is very easy to work with that even a grade school can manipulate it. samsung is known for its picture clarity while sony ericsson on music / sound clarity. each brands had its unique and distinctive features that gives the user a choice. i like nokia coz even if i closed my eyes i can txt correctly. but usually the parts are fake. unlike samsung and sony ericsson, they are genuine and cannot be copied as per my knowledge. i think samsung/sony ericsson user will agree as their mobile cannot be fixed by any mobile technician out there except for a service center provided by the manufacturing company.

        working on keypads.. hmmm interesting. guys only monkeys " u know what i mean" dnt know how to use mobile and ignorant for its usage.

        note: dnt buy a mobile w/c u dnt know how to use... samsung /sony ericsson/motorola for talented individual only who can manage the use of it..... goodluck guys...


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          • daniel
          • n{i
          • 14 Jun 2007

          how the calendar can be installed as wallpaper?

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            • JB
            • Sd2
            • 14 Apr 2007

            I'v just had my hands on the P310, and i find it really cool... Only the buttons are a bit weird beacause there are 2 options on 1 button.... example: 3 and 4 have only one button :S Grtzz JB

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              • sopo
              • nCx
              • 11 Apr 2007

              i like it verry mutch i have already p300 and i want 2 buy a p310 but is very expensive in romania is 330e

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                • little taco
                • 4ub
                • 03 Apr 2007

                I think that this phone is nice and it has a sleek style compared to nextel phones which are huge and stupid looking also samsung is a good brand compared to motorola because every motorola phone breaks down. this phone will do good in the iranian market. PeAcE In ThE MiDdLe EaSt

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                  • Anonymous
                  • p2D
                  • 14 Mar 2007

                  We bought 3 P310 to our business partners. They're all happy. Then i bought one, too. They were right :)

                  Some says problems with p310 keypad usage. Well, none of us having any problems with emailing and messaging. Of course you'll need at least 1 day to get used to it like every new phone requires. ( not childish and for babies phones like nokia )

                    • C
                    • Changoe
                    • Sd2
                    • 08 Mar 2007

                    Well i played with it and it rocks

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                      • Anonymous
                      • wc7
                      • 07 Mar 2007

                      looks like a calculator to me :D

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                        • Anonymous
                        • N95
                        • 04 Mar 2007

                        One word: Ugly, it does not even look luxurious, if it is for the design I will get a motorola not this.

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                          • p2B
                          • 02 Mar 2007

                          This is a great phone. You should go and check... Dont believe me or others, just see it for yourself. You'll see what i'm saying :)

                          * 6-7 days without charging!!!
                          * 2MP fine camera... MP4 video recording almost twice resolution of SE K790i.
                          * Business class, highend phone with shiny metal finish.
                          * 512 MB card comes in package. And its playing full screen clips fast.
                          * Great great display...
                          * reception is almost perfect, sound quality is like VERTU

                          sold me SEk790i and bought it. i'm in LOVE

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                            • Anonymous
                            • PFM
                            • 01 Mar 2007

                            To a1,
                            u r partially right. but is this ph the only one with untraditional keypad layout. have u ever seen very unfriendly keypad design from nokia? When u own one ph, u will get use to it within one month.
                            For interface,yes, there are some limitations. but its totally fine for everyday use. And i believe x700 is not using the newest UI of samsung. Anyway, every ph has its good or bad.

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                              • a1
                              • nUV
                              • 01 Mar 2007

                              You just can't get it. I'm sorry for you.
                              I was focusing not only on rubbish keypad and navipad, which make the feeling of using every phone function slowly and unpleasend with thousend of mistekes, but also a NON-friendly user interfece. The interface in my Samsung X700 looks nice, nice colours, but even the phone book have some disadvanteges compered to my old nokia3100's phonebook !!!

                              For examp, there is no ability to put 2 or more "MOBILE" numbers, and I have to put the second in other field (Leke "office"...). If I want to change the costum using number, I HAVE TO DELETE THE OLD NUMBER AND PREWRITE IT TO OTHER FIELD, THEN I HAVE TO WRITE THE NEW NUMBER IN THE MOBILE NUMBER FIELD. Or just TO ADD NEW CONTACT, which is very stupid, heaving in mind I'm already have 1 contact of the person with all details for him...
                              The callendar of my old nokia3100 was 2 times easely and faster to work with. And you have to know, that I was using the small amount of functions on 3100 a lot more than a lot functional X700. Why?
                              Becouse Nokia can integrate the functions properly.
                              Mey be my Samsung model is bad for people with big fingers or just have rubbish software, but I'm having it for about 7 months and I just can't use to it. Moreover, there is no something like firmware update from the official samsung site. Very "strange" having in mind that the calendar have some bugs...

                                • K
                                • Kal
                                • 2SU
                                • 01 Mar 2007

                                P310 enjoys uniquenes and there is no threat from any other brands at this moment. Its not targeted for everyone. Those who will get it wont mind the little shortfalls.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • PFM
                                  • 01 Mar 2007

                                  how can ppl just write a review anyhow. This ph has very good quality 2 mega cam. and samsung new UI is one of the best in the market.

                                    • D
                                    • Don
                                    • Mx@
                                    • 01 Mar 2007

                                    u hope you dont mind me saying but you seem a bit thick, all you have to do is type in a number and press call, if you can even do that then i think you should just give up and live in a cave!!

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                                      • a1
                                      • nUV
                                      • 01 Mar 2007

                                      Typically for Samsung -
                                      -nice looking device, high-quality materials and good technical specifications, BUT:
                                      - bad user friendlyness and ease of use
                                      - nice for decoration but not really nice for everyday use
                                      - everything else but not the best mobile phone...

                                      I have Samsung X700 and I have experiance with its hard to use keypad. Now I'm dreaming about superb perceptive and functionally integrated Nokia 6233...

                                        • D
                                        • Don
                                        • Mx@
                                        • 01 Mar 2007

                                        How can this be a phone when it is just like a credit card!! it is amazing looking but a shame its not got a camera as most phones do so they are going to miss out on sales. good try samsung but stick to making cars.