ZUK Z1 by Lenovo review: The second cousin

12 October, 2015
Creating sub-brands has been one of the preferred strategies used by Chinese manufacturers lately and in today's case ZUK has been backed by none other than the Chinese behemoth Lenovo with their logo proudly sitting on the ZUK Z1 box.

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  • ashu

Phone is good battery backup BT any time boosting and 2 to 3 days good afterwards started any option for returning and services center are not available some city.

  • vivek

i m facing hanging problem.....during the call.......
i m happy......please dont buy

  • Arun

Am using this phone for past 1mnts all is good expect GPS and back camera.. While we starts navigation it shows searching for GPS its not connecting

  • AnonD-563533

Hardcore Smartphone
All Specs are perfect
No hang no heat no problem
Using from 2 months
After 2 days of purchase .. I void warranty and update to marshmallow .. Working Flawlessly


Hi I have facing problem in front camera, like it's take picture as a mirror effect but yet don't know how to stop it, it appear very worst image after captured.
Tried every setting option but fails...
Any one please suggest me how could stop the problem

  • yash

AnonD-470633, 01 Jun 2016YesWhen it will upgrade to marshmallow os?

  • SuRaj

We can change the main menu view from scrolling (default) to page view..
1.Long press on home screen
2.you get wallpaper-widget-settings
3. Scroll up younger few options and in that change Layout - Vertical to Paged.. We then get page wise menu..

  • ravi

Vinay, 17 Jun 2016Not a good phone. Sound's quality is very very bad and poo... moreHow to set ringtone in z1

  • Anonymous

Vinay, 17 Jun 2016Not a good phone. Sound's quality is very very bad and poo... moreTRUE

  • Anonymous

Kapil, 04 Jul 2016NFC &otg and SD card slot why nt available ??does it support otg

  • Kapil

NFC &otg and SD card slot why nt available ??

  • Anonymous

Chandu, 16 Jun 2016Dolby Atmos sound sytem is thier or not Plss Reply me no

  • AnonD-551730

Hello All, Please let me know, what are the problem available in phone ;) and what is reason need not to buy?

  • kandoria.ashim7@gmai

Lenovo zuk z1 is better phone

  • qais

AnonD-543133, 30 May 2016Yes it supports OTG.Is Otg cable available in market or not?

  • AnonD-550352

should i buy this phone or not? i have seen so many - n + review also. i m confused. kindly guide me.

  • AnonD-254599

Vinay, 17 Jun 2016Not a good phone. Sound's quality is very very bad and poo... morevery happy with this phone. i disagree. you must have tweaked it to make it perform bad

  • Vinay

Not a good phone.
Sound's quality is very very bad and poor.
Only battery is good.
Camera is also good, but only in day light.

After 15 days, phone is hangs 2 or 3 times in a day.
In this position, phone not becomes power on,
Aftet all efforts,
..in last...phone is reboot by the contentious pressing of power button power button.
I am very said after purchase this product.
Pl.dont buy this product.
I have videos of its hanging, and i will post these videos on facebook immediately.
(Er.Vinay Jain)
Jabalpur M.P.

  • Anonymous

The most advanced phones I have ever seen in this price of 13,499 only.

  • AnonD-549891

My phone automatic shouting down any time what will I do plz tell me