iPhone 6s vs. Galaxy S6 vs. Xperia Z5: Monster Brawl

23 October, 2015
Some phones just can't be reviewed in a vacuum, the competition between them is so fierce and their price tags so high that they have to be compared against each other under a microscope to determine the best one for you. The Apple iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6 are joined by the Sony Xperia Z5 for this three-way fight.

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  • Anonymous

Dual heatpipes, 09 Nov 2015Not. The display technology in future is hologram display. ... moreLOL. now you believe oled is the future tech? sony will use lg's oled soon.
LOL. aaahaahaa

  • Anonymous

Great work Gsmarena team..you guys are good well detailed and unbiased comparison.

I stick with S6

  • AnonD-726710

iPhone is the only best phone with certitude . I love iPhone forever

  • Anonymous

Samsung Is The BEST

  • GS6 (2015)

Proud To Say S6 (Jack Of All Trades) HAHA!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-560596, 06 Aug 2016Go for IPhone it's the best you can't compare them with android iPhone is costly but it is a white elephant which has no use. Sony and Samsung are always good and always be.

  • Anonymous

Samsung galaxy s6

  • AnonD-291372

i bought a z5......when i had a choice of buying s6.....now confused...on seeing this....did i go wrong.......
i haven't unboxed it yet on thinking for a exchange.....
did i go wrong guys......
plz help..

  • Popeye

I have only used galaxy 3 and now a s6 and with what I have read I will stick to s6. I use it for everything even as a phone.

  • evuk

I dont understand how people prefer samsung over sony. Both androids sony is beautiful best camera, for boys. Samsung design with big camera like a womans ring or luxury wallet

  • Sony 😍

I have to say that sony is the best phone ever..its awesome..after my z1s broke because someone step on it,but still it is working.. 😍 I dont hesitate to get another sony..z5..love love love it..

  • AnonD-601154

How can I put my camera on portrait mode, whenever I open it goes automatically to landscape, even though the auto-rotate has been disabled? It just started last night, I don't know if I have clicked something or what. Can anybody help me with this, please? Thanks...

  • hassan khan

s7 and iphone can cost almost 50k to 60k but you can get awsome specs and lightening performance from z5 in comapritively much low price xperia z5 is complete pkage go for it

  • AnonD-560596

AnonD-538452, 17 May 2016Which phone would be there best all around? Galaxy s6. Galaxy 6... moreGo for IPhone it's the best you can't compare them with android

  • Sixtus


  • abhimanyu

Just gonna say one thing iphone ...... Its the best device

  • Yk

AnonD-538452, 17 May 2016Which phone would be there best all around? Galaxy s6. Galaxy 6... moreSony z5 has the upper hand

  • AnonD-538452

😕, 09 Feb 2016some thing weird arena I used Samsung and iPhone 4s 5 5s and no... moreWhich phone would be there best all around? Galaxy s6. Galaxy 6s or the Xperia z5. Can't buy a phone every year. Need them best to last me. THANKS, PLEASE BE TRUTHFUL.

  • AnonD-535221

I used to have Sony Xperia Z1 & this is a great phone.It have been with me for more than 2 yrs & not yet spoilt.I pass my Xperia Z1 to my father after I bought my new Sony Xperia Z5.Samsung S5 claimed that S5 can go water resistant like Xperia Z1 or Z5 but they failed because when u put S5 in the water,u will see corrosion that is which substances in it.So Sony Xperia series like Z1,Z2 or Z5 is much better compared to Samsung in water resistant & also Sony camera is much better than Samsung & mostly overall of it.

  • AnonD-533499

I have both S6 and Z5, the Z5 is faster and smoother than the s6 in every way when stock.

When Z5 Bootloader unlocked and S6 on Engineering bootloader, both rooted and modded, Z5 still faster and smoother.

I rather use the very first Xperia Z than a S6 which I have been for a few weeks and I refused to touch the S6 again