Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) review: Standing tall

1 February, 2016
The A-Team is back and we start with the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016). It pairs a premium build with premium features, a true S6 lookalike.

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Rk, 28 May 2017Samsung a5 2016 cant charging after 86% if remove and again plu... morewhat do you mean? dont understand what your situation

  • raghavendra

stylishesh in the A series. i am so happy to use this samsung A5 model mob

  • Paulinho

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2016That moment when everybody say's an S6 is so much better. Wait, ... moreAbsolutely right s6 battery is shut compared to a5

Can I ask if there is oleophobic coating on the A510F model?

  • Vinodh

Samsung galaxy A5 is the best. Because features of A5 are wonderful. It is so convenient to us to, I suggest you to buy samsung galaxyA5.

  • Shan

Wi-Fi Bluetooth radio not connect

  • Jim

WiFi,Bluetooth and radio is not working. What shall I do to resolve the problem?

  • AnonD-674391

The version with Exynos is better.

  • AnonD-690255

My Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 had the 3D option in SoundAlive, after it upgraded SoundAlive, the 3D done disappeared. Because?

  • Rk

Samsung a5 2016 cant charging after 86% if remove and again plung in mobile will charge 100% please give solution

  • AnonD-667078

finally nougat update hits in india at 12th may 2017 for samsung a5 2016.

  • Anonymous

Otmatic on/of problem

  • Ishtiaq

Can I use this phone in Canada?

  • Aagney

It is good phone but it's speaker quality is ok.If you compare this phone with Huawei p9 lite Huawei p9 lite is only compact and comfortable to use.

  • Tido

A5 (2016) camera is horrible. It takes the worst pictures ever. A huge disappoint. I had the previous A5 and I absolutely loved the pictures. Everything else works very well. If you are selfie crazy like me, don't bother.

  • Neesha

I have samsung A5 2016 and its not accepting 32gb memory card what is the reason? And if i put 64gb so will it accept it or no kindly inform me.

  • haroon

my gallaxy a5 camera has failed what can i do please

  • Anonymous

Sam-Htc, 23 Dec 2016Hey Guys, Just some help if I should choose the A5(2016) or the... moredefinetly M9. It overheats but is multiple times faster, battery also much better

  • Sam-Htc

Hey Guys,
Just some help if I should choose the A5(2016) or the HTC One M9??
I mostly use my phone for work purposes such as emails, etc. (not games). Thus is very important for me overall performance and especially reliable battery.
Please your help. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-529928, 20 Sep 2016My mobile Samsung SM-A510FD is heating so much during the batter... morei never get lot of heat when charging.
never charge after lot of use like gaming,etc that generate heat.let your phone cool for a while and you can charge your phone without overheating