LeTV (LeEco) Le 1s hands-on: First look

12 February, 2016
LeTVís claim for fame was at this yearís CES where Qualcomm announced LeTV would be the make+r of the first phone with the high-end Snapdragon 820 chipset.

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  • AnonD-480266

Only wish it had amoled screen thn I wud buy it as my secondary ph..

  • Anonymous

3000mah lol. pass.

  • AnonD-494168

Like iphone

  • AnonD-420360

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2016This review is short ,and lack of information in the whole one. ... moreDude its called first look,many phones launched in past month or two, these guys are on tight schedule with less breathing room. The full blown review may follow in few weeks

  • shivu

please dont buy this phone. it heats a lot and camera is very bad there is no hdr beauty shot nothing. world most waste user interface. its looks like very empty. and it has full hd display but screen brighteness is very poor. applications are getting auto crush, autometicaly some applications are closeing after hard resetting device also. and i cant bear the heating of phone i persanaly useing this phone from 3 days please dont buy. and flipkart they are not giveing refund they are replaceing same phone. pls dont get cheat.

  • Anonymous

Chinese OEM's software division has indentity crisis.

  • Anonymous

They should have included sd card slot atleast for a 32 gb, because remaining 20 gb is not enough in current market scenario and the valuable data may be stolen when it give for repair or may be corrupted if some kind of electronic malfunction happen. And fm radio also should have to be included even it cost overall 12k indian rupees.

  • Gibby

May not have been the most in depth review of a phone but it's nice to finally get an insight in to LeTV which I've been eyeing up for a while now.
Definitely the best cheap phone option on the planet right now.
Price is almost unbelievable!
I wonder if the LTE would work in my home country of Canada?
Anyone know - please let me know thanks :)

  • Anonymous

This review is short ,and lack of information in the whole one.
crap reviewer copy and paste from other page

  • Hola

Good PHone!