Huawei Mate 8 review: Time-saver edition

10 March, 2016
The Huawei Mate 8 is the latest phablet by the Chinese phone manufacturer. It's a premium device all around and it surely doesn't come cheap. But for the price you pay for it, you are certainly treated to an excellent user experience and some of the best specs in the industry.

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  • Anonymous

Can I use a 128GB memory card in Mate 8 hp?

  • leryx

it will heat if you use more than 3 hrs ?

  • Aamir

AnonD-596901, 12 Oct 2016I also had the G4, now gonna buy amte 8, Im afried i will g... morePlz tell me if i m talking by sim1.someone call me at sim sim 2 ringing or become off.i mean both sims remain on? So i can attend calls by both sim at same time or one sim become on talking n other sim will b off.kindly someone guide me bcz i m planning to buy mate 8.

  • AnonD-610759

What reely makes me feel so bad isIt doesn't support connectivity with HDMI®, MHL,or Miracast screen mirroring,

  • Syed

HUAWEI mate8 ilike soomuch

  • AnonD-596901

I also had the G4, now gonna buy amte 8, Im afried i will get dissapointed but he camera, G4 had a great camera but the boot loop broke my phone. are the stills from mate 8 looks bad? dont they look very soft and colors dont pop well?

AnonD-484893, 11 Mar 2016This Review Is Too Simple And Short.Its a time saver review. Go figure...

  • Akash

This is the greatest phone in the world. I love this phone very much

  • Caesar

This mate8 phone is the greatest phone in my life! No lag at all when surf in web! Its worth to buy!

  • Zeeshan

apertotes, 10 Mar 2016Display, software and performance scores look far too high.... moredo you own this phone?

  • Anonymous

Is this good in gaming and browsing? That's only my preference. I don't give a damn regarding the camera itself. Thanks

  • Anonymous

gpu suck it should get4.5 inperformance

no matter how many times i look at it, it's beauty just doesn't fade.

  • AnonD-494168

Congrats Mate 8 GA congrats to new way and style of ranking phones !
Well Done!

  • Anonymous

Illusio consciens, 11 Mar 2016mate Software Rating=5! Iphone 6s softaware rating=4.5 ... moreBoth are 4.5 in software

  • Anonymous

Photo display video note5 win

  • rafaelinux

Why some reviewed phones are 4.0/5 and others 4/5?

  • AnonD-494401

So, to this day still v2.0 usb charger. dam disappoint me.

  • AnonD-452225

Nice...One Suggestion ...If we click on any individual score at the at, it should take us to that section...

  • AnonD-513508

Juz bought it on its 1st day of release in Singapore. Sweet and smooth. No lag yet despite installing all my favourite apps(abt 30) and running tons of program all at once. I think the camera works pretty great and more than what I expected. Unplugged from charger at 7am and battery life is now at 34%. After 12hrs+. Lots of gaming time. Abt 3hrs at least. Watch youtube videos and facebook n internet trolling for 2hrs. Make some calls, messagings and online shopping for another 2hr. Gps and bluetooth is turn on all the time. Oh starhub bundled a free Huawei Band BO which cost S$108 @ Lazada. My old Samsung Note 3 would be flat by 3pm latest. Its really a fantastic phone. No regrets.