LG KU970 Shine review: A Vodafone touch

16 April 2007
The LG Shine fashion handset was released in two distinct versions. Not long ago we reviewed the KE970 Shine. This time we turn our attention to the LG KU970 – the 3G version which is to be exclusively sold by Vodafone. They share the same metallic bodies, the same 2 megapixel cameras and the same QVGA TFT display. Other than that software-wise the two Shine handsets are as different as they can be. Be our guest on this tour with the exciting LG KU970 Shine.

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  • Anonymous
  • kIx
  • 30 Aug 2008

pls tell me hoe to use this phone,, i dont know how to add contact in this phone,, i dont know where to press to finish adding the contact. pls help

    • V
    • VC
    • ubH
    • 15 Jul 2008

    Hi, I want to copy all my phone contacts to SIM card, however due to some reason the screen is not working even the mobile still works. Can someone please advice the number keys to navigate the menus all the way through, then post the key combination required to do this so I can retrieve my contacts? Thanks!

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      • Anonymous
      • 2Gw
      • 06 Mar 2008

      LGKU970 isnt exclusive to any company. i work for 3 and you can have it free on a $29 cap.

        • k
        • khan!
        • PDT
        • 24 Jan 2008

        plz tell me..is there any password option in masseging???????????

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • wwW
          • 23 Aug 2007

          This is NOT Exclusive to Vodaphone. I just got mine on a Optus $49 cap and it's great.
          Lrn2research phones properly.

            • C
            • Carlos
            • nC8
            • 10 Jun 2007

            nice phone.any possibility to upgrade ku970 shine's software in order to read office files like ke970???

            i don't understand why the LG cut this option...

            stupid thing

              • O
              • Oshkosh78
              • Pxv
              • 19 May 2007

              Hehe.. Its clearly not exclusive to Voda... 3 Aus have launched it last Thursday! wonder if the battery will be as good as it looks! Hmmm.....

                • a
                • aditya sood
                • PGj
                • 19 Apr 2007

                hai, talking about the lg shine i can only say that it meets all the specifications that r reqd. 2day. it is the best phone launched latest. but i m unknown to its price in india. if u e mail me its price i shall be thankful to u. at last i can say that this phone is cool cool and cool

                  • M
                  • Mystic
                  • my4
                  • 17 Apr 2007

                  This is not EXCLUSIVE to Vodafone, in the UK 3 have just released it to. Do not like it at all!

                    • S
                    • Speedy
                    • nDG
                    • 16 Apr 2007

                    The mp3 player in KE970(the non-3g version) still can work in background. Just press the mp3 key on the side of the phone when the music is playing. ;)