Idol 4 and 4s, Plus 10, POP4, POP4+, and POP4S: Alcatel at MWC 2016

20 February, 2016
Alcatel brought the whole family - two Idol 4 phones, Pixis of all sizes and even a Windows 10 hybrid laptop. The phones really like to party and have dedicated Boom button, which turns up the sound, launches the camera (and dose a few other things), while the stereo speakers can work in any direction you want.

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  • Zody

I got an alcatel pop 4+ three months now and the camera stop working and everything stored on the phone is erase

  • Janiys

How do you reach your private picture album

  • AnonD-618386

Anyone rooted this phone yet?

  • AnonD-618386

How to boost volume and is anyone having problem with battery? Pop 4 +

They said Nokia bought Alcatel... what can we expect tho

  • Nick

Front is like Huawei, back is like samsung A series(2016) with same camera and flash placement, sides are like sony with sony-like rounded power button, 2 front speakers like htc. Lol.

mihai, 20 Feb 2016For an htc copy ,is preety good.Alcatel si not copying any phone, they are going in his own way

  • Anonymous

Only 4s is interesting but a smudge magnet, too big side bezels for my taste and screen a tad too big.

  • Anonymous

mihai, 20 Feb 2016For an htc copy ,is preety good.When exactly was HTC making glass back panel phones?

  • Mr. U. Ben Hadd

To bad these phones aren't coming to the U.S.

I like this phone even more than my zenfone 2 , hopefully it will make in india

  • joy

keep all the spec of idol 4s but make the 3000mah to removable 4000mah or above, add fast fingerprint sensor at back and finally SD quickcharge 2.0 completes the package.

A bit disappointing. No phones, just 2 mid-range phablets and one low-to-mid-range tablet.

  • mihai

AnonD-321175, 20 Feb 2016WoW! Very good design with front facing speakers, glass and... moreFor an htc copy ,is preety good.

  • dasman

Alcatel/TCL Is the premium budget mid range to look for! Really happy for the second year they put out an all round great device(s) to bring an immersive experience. I hope the idol 3 can get marshmallow...and if only the 4 had the S625.

  • dasman


  • gsmnerd

the boomkey is the same as the smartkey on the huawei honor 7

Won't release in my country but hope that boom button steals the show,

  • AnonD-246723

Its a z3 ?

  • AnonD-321175

WoW! Very good design with front facing speakers, glass and metal body like in SGS6/7. I hope the software is good optimized. If the price is right it will be bestseller.