Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge: Samsung at MWC 2016

20 February, 2016
Samsung's re-invention has gone into season 2 with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. They ramp up the camera to a whole new level, make the display Always On and retool the other features.

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  • Anonymous

have been using s7edge for a while but the data signal (4G) at d network bar stopped showing and since then the browser stopped
I can't use the phone for any internet stuff. pls any idea on the cause and solution fr that

  • Maelin

AnonD-367917, 24 Feb 2016This comment, with regards to "non removable battery" is so... moreVery well said, thank you. And yes, i prefer waterproofing over removable battery. Very wise design Samsung engineers, thank you too!

  • ali hassan

nice one

  • Anonymous

Have been given opportunity of Samsung Galaxy 7s but the send operation is not working. So assist pliz

  • riza

Does clone S7 edge can't have the same spec's as the original. I bet my S7 edge is clone. I cannot use the finger print lock in my phone. Every one can open it.

  • Bibhuti

Very good

  • kartik dad

So nice

  • Zahid

Very Good

  • Anonymous

What are the instant features of original samsung galaxy s7

  • Anonymous

What a fhone

  • epy

i have a samsung s5 what i hate about it is it has a limited txt character when u are texting a long will always convert into MMS form of messaging..i dont like it anymore i hope this s7 has unlimited txt character.

  • Anonymous

My samsung galaxy s7 edge has been stopped what shall?

  • pankaj

Nice phone

  • elcuartomago

AnonD-367917, 24 Feb 2016Anonymous... I usually choose not to reply to people who hi... more.02cents...........let's're traveling all day, talking, GPS(mapping)ing your destination and route in your rental (bluetooth) while listening to YOUR station (pandora fan) all the while......... get to your destination and begin to HD video while (again) also talking/videoing.............. ...

Dang...the client's got crappy wifi and won't let you on their network.........or the only guy whho knows how to let you on the network is covered up................what choice? Fire up your hotspot to create your own network..........

you're NOT going to want to reach for a batterybrick in the middle of all that....NO SIR! he who says so hasn't walked the mile.

That puppy shuts down and won't fire up again until you dig out your brick and (hopefully remembered to charge it alongside the phone which get charged regularly) connect it. Then you try to restart everything and get BACK to where you were only to miss videoing the mystery problem that had you flying out to the client site in the first place.

OR, you're strapped to an extension chord with your USB adapter and the longest USB charging cable you can find................

Suggest looking for an entended battery built into a case....not sexy but an FN workhorse.

I can punish my S4 (with 7400 zerolemon) as above and still google the route to the restaurant at day's end...When back to base, offload (up to 128G) HD video to the homer server for marketing to work their magic creating youtube videos on the HD footage.

What are you after?????...........form or function...........millennium falcon...........

  • afsam

Poor price

  • Anonymous

Nothing to hate all fab

  • AnonD-410872

What a phone....amazing bit of kit.

  • Saeeduke

I have galaxy s6 and comparing between them they just look alike Samsung is remaineds me of Nokia back then when they use to release a phone every in between with same software and functions but different case!! This is the same with most of the phones now a days!!!
Don't waist your money save it for real things.

"That's my personal opinion"

  • Basu

Battery poor

  • Javed Bablu Kpt

sexiest phone of 2016