Huawei Mate Book hands-on: Huawei at MWC 2016

20 February, 2016
Tablets didn't kill PCs, they made them stronger. In fact, PCs like the Huawei Mate Book became the best tablets around. This is a hybrid device - the tablet holds all the smarts, the keyboard lends support but can be detached when not needed.

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  • Anonymous

This product finally coming to US on 11 July 2016. Now Microsoft Store open pre-order.­/pdp/Huawei-Matebook-Signature-Edition-2-in-1-PC­/productID.4352308700?icid=PC_Cat_huawei_preorde­r_bundle_062016

  • sychin

heard a lot about the product but it is yet to be seen in the market

  • Anonymous

Is there any news on this product?
On Huawei website still said "coming soon" !
It is already three months since announcement this good product.
Why? Anybody knows, please tell us.

  • Brat

Oh wow this looks good, it has the things I'm looking for, keyboard and pen
The question how much will it be?