Nokia N95 camera review: High five

19 April 2007
Camera interface, description of functions, sample pictures, comparison to a digital camera, and sample VGA videos. Nokia N95 is among the first mobile phones on the European market to ever offer a 5-megapixel resolution. What’s more, its camera features a Carl Zeiss lens, automatic focus, and detailed user-configurable settings.

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bruh, 29 Oct 2023dude, it's full review wdymAt the time of when I posted that comment in 2017, whenever you clicked on the "Review" button on the listing for the Nokia N95, it directed you to this page. Now it seems they fixed it.

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    • bruh
    • IWH
    • 29 Oct 2023

    Macbeth, 09 Oct 2017Did you seriously only do a review on the camera aspect of ... moredude, it's full review wdym

      Macbeth, 09 Oct 2017Did you seriously only do a review on the camera aspect of ... moreI know that i'm late 5 years responding to this comment... 😂

      But this Nokia N95 have two articles, yes this one only focusing on camera, go check the other one that have full device review.

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        • 03 May 2018

        Macbeth, 09 Oct 2017Did you seriously only do a review on the camera aspect of ... moreWhy not?

          Did you seriously only do a review on the camera aspect of the phone?!

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            • Jane
            • uAi
            • 19 Jan 2011

            B. Jones, 23 Jun 2007I cant resist commenting again. I love my n95 To the lad... moreYou can turn your n95 to wireless webcam with the help of Wwigo. So that you can also enjoy webcam with your n95. To do so your need is a bluetooth connection between the PC and the phone.

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              • Anonymous
              • vpb
              • 21 Dec 2010

              I just got the N95 phone and in just 2days of taking 6 shots of pics with my friends...the cam won't work..damn ;( what can I do please help me xoxox

     please do e-mail me :)) thanks :D

                • P
                • Peaches
                • Y2t
                • 25 Jan 2010

                Anonymous, 08 Jan 2010hi i would like to know if there is a known problem with th... moreMy screen loses pixels easily also. It would go black. Here in the Bahamas it's $120 to get it fixed. But what I started doing was buying the n95 lcd screen from ebay for $7 and fix it myself. There are how to videos on youtube.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • QuD
                  • 08 Jan 2010

                  hi i would like to know if there is a known problem with the lcd display screens for the nokia n95 phones? i am trying to purchase a screen and they keep asking me why i don't buy a phone. Can someone please help me.

                    • K
                    • Knick
                    • PEd
                    • 11 Nov 2009

                    Hay guyz!pls help me,can any one tell me which is consist with best 5mp camera in N95 Or in 6220 whoes having a xenon flasher,also the video quality?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • t7G
                      • 12 Oct 2009

                      hi!i ask if the nokian95 is dualsim

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                        • Dr, Error
                        • u1v
                        • 15 Mar 2009

                        hi ,
                        i have an N95 and can somebody pleaseeee tell me how to turn of the camera shutter sound off??? i just hate those sounds... pleeshh helppp meee...


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                          • sazzy
                          • mJC
                          • 31 Dec 2008

                          n95 camera doesnt work
                          i have only had it 2days now
                          my camera worked before i changed it 2 video mode now then i open the lens or the camera from the menu it says
                          unexpected error occured, power off and restart
                          i have done this maybe 20times now and nothing is working
                          what do i do
                          please can someone help me

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                            • Aami
                            • 2Ad
                            • 13 Dec 2008

                            i have been checking out a lot about mobile phones for the last 2 weeks. i had always loved nokia n 95 8gb mobile phone, and i always used to compare my dream mobile phone with all mobiles!i dont think so there is a single mobile phone with which i have not compared my loved mobile! and at last i decided to get nokia n95 8gb but as i was about to get the phone i thought to compare it with n95 classic, and i was astonished to see the same rather better features of classic mobile and it changed my mind! now i am gonna bu nokia n95 classic because it is offering the same features as nokia n95 8gb rather more features at a low price which is i would say an edge for nokian95 classic:-)
                            best wishes for those who wanna get this master mobile soon....
                            bye all

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                              • Nokia N95 Camera Pro
                              • fvE
                              • 02 Oct 2008

                              I have a major problem, I have a Nokia N95
                              First: All of sudden my 1er cam (the one behind) is not working either by opening the lens or from the camera icon in the menu.
                              NB: if I use the Scanner program or the Barcode reader or even a Video call, the 1er cam is working properly
                              Second: in the video call the secondary camera is not working
                              Anyone have any idea how to solve this problem regarding that I formatted the memory card and the phone memory and I updated to the new software 30.0.015
                              My mail:

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                                • ben
                                • U2@
                                • 09 Jul 2008

                                hi, iv had my nokia for a while now its pretty good. but one thing. how do you turn the sound off for the camera? coz wen im at a golf tournament and i want a picture or video it makes a sound which sucks. what do i need to do to get rid of it or turn it off?

                                please send comments or answers to



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                                  • MARIE
                                  • 3HR
                                  • 30 Jun 2008

                                  I have had the Nokia N95 for 5 months and have nothing but problems. 2 weeks after getting it I couldnt send texts and had to do a hard reset which meant I lost all contacts and texts. The camera doesnt work now which is what I bought it for in the first plac and the volume button is broken so I cant turn the volume down. I have also got a crack in the screen from pushing up the phone to use it. I am a great fan of nokia and have used them for 10 years, however I would not recommend the N95 to anybody. Avoid at all costs.

                                    • h
                                    • hameeali
                                    • SYK
                                    • 01 Apr 2008

                                    i have 1 is on but not flash y?pls help me.......

                                      • u
                                      • umair
                                      • PT2
                                      • 08 Nov 2007

                                      i have got nokia n95 and i m happy

                                        • u
                                        • umair
                                        • PT2
                                        • 08 Nov 2007

                                        n95 is better but the battery life only 24 hours
                                        my n73 last me 48