Acer Liquid Jade 2 and Liquid Zest hands-on: Acer at MWC 2016

23 February, 2016
Acer has been making top notch midrange smartphones in recent years. The company always manages to offer a lot for the money you're paying, and the latest additions to its line-up are no exception.

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  • Takita

I have a free usb extension for acer liquid zest but when i used it its not working. I plug the usb flash drive but its not working.

  • GamerJep

Well,they have to make the zest 4g model to 1.3ghz to improve the gaming performance

  • AnonD-205457

Hybrid storage is a really great feature and it is great way to implement cloud storage into phone this way. This is a deal maker, makes me wanna buy this phone just for that, plus the rest of specs are quite great, and it's built sturdy, decent device to have.

What I don't like is the camera hump on back, not that this is first phone with hump, but it looks ugly, well more like generic and doesn't compliment brushed back.
Front side and rounded corners reminds me of Galaxy S3, which is ok, but the overall look is a little on the generic side, and I dislike the acer logo, well it throws me off, also being on bottom, or just the way these 4 letters look, idk, just a personal opinion.
But overall a great device, acer lately been doing good job.

  • Reiki

I haven't used any Acer phone so far (I don't change phones that often, I always try to buy a phone that's really reliable and will last long.
In any case, these handsets look pretty well, I just feel that they were given the effort a great phone deserves. I look forward to getting more information regarding these new Acer handsets.

  • AnonD-473257

I love acer smartphone because it has abfiles app. It can connect to your computer (dekstok or laptop) to browse files easily, very usefull like having cloud on the home