Wiko Fever Special Edition hands-on: Wiko at MWC 2016

25 February, 2016
You might not know of Wiko if you reside outside of France, but those of our readers who do can attest that the local brand is enjoying quite a lot of popularity. Statistics claim that the brand takes the second spot in the country's mobile sales rank list, which is a veritable achievement indeed.

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  • tochki

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2016when i was in france, most people there were using samsung/... moreYou should better doubt...

In Portugal Wiko is also a top selling brand, I doubt if the person was (really?) in France, and never seen a Wiko...even in the underground (Metro) is full of their advertisements! Tourists these days are so "low-cost" and the majority doesn't even speak a proper English...what about French!

  • Anonymous

when i was in france, most people there were using samsung/iphone/kindle devices.
so, i doubt they even know about wiko.

  • Anonymous

z3 clone