Samsung Galaxy S7 review: A refinement act

11 March, 2016
Close your eyes and picture the Samsung Galaxy S6, but the way you wanted it to be, not the way it came out. Now open them and look at the Galaxy S7. Better? Let’s see.

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  • Anonymous

So im doing a glass repair front & back of my Samsung Galaxy7 SM-G930F and im buying the glass frame online but i need to know, are all Samsung Galaxy7 SM-G930, SM-G930F, SM-G930A & Vs the same size?

Latest update removes ability to designate ringtones for specific contacts. Amazingly ill-advised move [language softened and upgraded to meet posting rules] by Samsung. Taking options away may be viewed as a method of encouraging purchase of new phone by corporation. If that is true, it won't encourage buying another Samsung. Please return this feature in next update!

Anyone else had issues with the "Pink line" on their new phone? Has a fix really been found even a repair? Thanks

AnonD-675405, 07 Jun 2017Few big disadvantages not mentioned in the review, which I ... moreYip like many - suggest a silicone "Skin" can help solve those issues. :)

AnonD-675405, 07 Jun 2017Few big disadvantages not mentioned in the review, which I ... morethat's for the edge variant not in flat one

  • AnonD-758867

Terrible battery life

  • Dj koh

AnonD-451592, 12 Mar 2016S4 is comparable in performance with iphone 5 or lets say 5... moreReally? U mean to say ur chevy runs faster n comfy than ur bugatti/lambo?😂😂🤣 smells true fancrap BS!
Or maybe all apple icrap fans r dumb. Still rooting fr a device wd no expandable storage lacking basic smartfone features n premature battery. N they proudly present ip x still stuck at res lower than qhd😂

  • BSmart

AnonD-509761, 12 Mar 2016Agree...Did it? Ur ip7 came n vanished in thin air just like ip8,8+ n now x bt still no expandable storage n now display hired frm s9 n 9+ they r wat smartfones suposd to be..rather than igimmicks with 3d touch as their only new n best innovation for years now🤣😋

  • nahid070

Krewsberg, 14 Oct 2016i'de bought it for 450 €... and it too much !! I'm very di... moreDid buy the real one? I very much doubt

  • Marie Antoinette

An awesome phone it works real good

  • Anonymous

Does NOT support MHL. Had to return it, s8 looks having the same "feature".

GSMArena should have MHL yes/no in the list and in phone finder

  • AnonD-675405

Few big disadvantages not mentioned in the review, which I find important:
- poor accidental touch detection leading to random touches at the sides;
- slippery grip making the phone difficult to use with one hand.

  • urma

vinod kumar , 05 Apr 2016Samsung s7 is heating problem and bettery life Is very bad,... moregreat phone h8trs done gon h8

  • Ghada Ibrahim

I have always been a loyal to Samsung brand but now i guess i will have to divert!
I have bought an Galaxy S7 the moment it was launched in UAE and apparently to service level has downgraded now they consider a scratch or dent a cause to cancel the warranty !!
that is nonsense just to disqualify the cost of repairing it on there expense and the MAIN reason was that water has interpreted the main screen, how is it water resistance then?!!
I'm very disappointed in this brand, I used to brag how amazing the phone, brand and service is but now not anymore!
Is this how you satisfy your loyal customer!! is this how the customer rights are always guaranteed !!!

  • Krewsberg

i'de bought it for 450 €... and it too much !!
I'm very disapointed about this phone. Every website or other youtube guys are wrong. Samsung sell it like a performer, and without offers, it's 799 !
Touchwizz he's simply horrible. Slow and "heavy". Nova launcher came too repare that thing but, for the price, we just need a good OS.
fingerprint scanner... the worst i've tried. a lot of fails everyday when you tried to unlock. The technology they used for it is very old. First generation scanner.
And battery life is just enough good for a simple usage ( with all settings of background applications ok and a black wallpaper on the screens).
Ok, it's a goodlooking smaprtphone, nice and beauty screen. But in the realife, not the benchmark's life, for the price, he's a very average level smartphone. i hate use it everyday, really, and have problemes that i didn't have in 3 years with my HTC M7.
Don't really buy it, look elsewhere. You'll find much better.
Ps: for me, he didn't scratch at all. It's pretty good with that on the contrary.

  • Chrjns

Has anyone seen the 64gb version of the s7? Actually there's supposed to have the 64gb version right?

  • shekar

how to keep second sim and sd card

  • Mon

Back cracked in my pocket...

  • Tanmay

Nice phone
And super performance
Good camera
And software

  • Mememe

How much storage is user available? On non carrier bloated phones...