Samsung Galaxy S7 edge review: Time-saver edition

19 March, 2016
You're eyeing up the Samsung Galaxy S7, but you find its looks too pedestrian? We don't necessarily agree, but let's say for the sake of argument that you're right. No worries, Samsung's got you covered - meet the Galaxy S7 edge.

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  • Waqia rana

S7 edge dual sim or single sim ?

  • bj

is this LTE ready?

  • Rotty

Is it a dual Sim phone?

  • Ben

I seem to get 50/50 likes and dislike about the samsung phones. any advice please.

  • Jolly69

Back cover hard to open to insert sim card

  • Jolly

Almost impossible to open back of s7 edge to put in the sim card

  • Hema

Wow Superb Mobileslatest Information Samsung S7 Edge Awesome SmartphoneÂ…

  • Rama

is the edge screen fragile? have i to install temperred glass or case to reduce from falling?

  • Random Lee &#264

AnonD-725163, 17 Mar 2018Exynos or snapdragon version better? Exynos is better

  • Nemchand

My best samsung mobile

  • AnonD-725163

Exynos or snapdragon version better?

  • Fufubest

AnonD-707503, 12 Oct 2017I have s7 edge 64 gb blue coral its Awesome.. the best phone ever!Ok i wait until????

  • Anonymous

yeah, really awesome, super expensive, finicky device. best thing about upgrade? no keyboard hot key option! what an inspired idea! if id realized this when i was shopping i would have walked away. WTF!?

  • AnonD-707503

I have s7 edge 64 gb blue coral its Awesome.. the best phone ever!

  • Anonymous

This phone is rubbish. The hold button is next to my ear and puts 60% of my calls on hold. I have purchased Samsung phones for about 8 years now. This phone is a disappointment. Samsung were not interested is assisting me to fix this problem. I used to love Samsung phones; after their lack of concern and intetest I am done with them. Ever again

  • Bubba

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2016S7 edge is best I am currently the owner of an iPhone. I'm looking to trade my phone in for a Samsung Galaxy S7. I've been an iPhone user for several years now. I would appreciate any helpful advice.
Thank you

  • Abhilash M G

Not broken from 1 metre battery efficiency....always 38 degree hot....totally waste almost 50000..

  • Smart

The Phone s7 Edge is a good smartphone I love it than IPhone I love Samsung products. Please when buying be careful not to buy fake and after you comdem the phone. Whatsoever be the case go to your settings. Beware of fakes

  • Ahsan

I want new Samsung Galaxy S7 to test the technology

  • Anonymous

Nice phone