LG G5 review: Evening the odds

22 March, 2016
Someone at LG must have thought: “Leather is so last-year, let’s do something nobody has done – or long quit trying.” And here we have the LG G5. It has the looks of a brand new flagship, the heart of a dragon and an adventurous dual camera setup suited for every occasion. But there’s more than meets the eye, the Magic Slot. The LG G5 is a modular smartphone, which lets you plug a handful of external add-ons: a semi-pro camera grip with shutter buttons and a bigger battery, or an external sound amplifier by B&O.

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  • Rickyqtqt

The LG G5 is a great phone with a great camera. It has a battery that will not last the day if you don't have battery saver on. There are some quality issues with the manufacturing specifically with GPS. You may get a phone that will not lock into GPS so check it if you buy one.

  • g6 user

Lu, 15 Aug 2016Hey GSMArena guys, 16:9 has never been and it will never be a ph... morebut you cant fight against the flow and that's the problem now
for me and for even you and gsm ... 16:9 is the standard on current tvs so if you want to share it with people it must be with that's standard .... yes 4:3 is nice but nothing we can do buddy but still you can take photos on 4:3 and watch then on an old lcd ,monitor or crt tv

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2017In fact, 16:9 is a dumb trend. 4:3 is the best aspect ratio. Bec... morefrom the 16 mpix original 16:9, crop to 4:3 without loosing height. works fine here. the not so wide lens is perfect for portraits.

  • М&#105

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2016the latest samsung device s6/7/note5 its just not fit for me, t... moreThe theme is exclusively for LG G5 , stick to it please.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-422481, 21 Dec 2016I prefer 16:9 and I know photography. It just make more sense as... moreIn fact, 16:9 is a dumb trend. 4:3 is the best aspect ratio. Because 4:3 is the field of view of the human eye..

  • AnonD-422481

Lu, 15 Aug 2016Hey GSMArena guys, 16:9 has never been and it will never be a ph... moreI prefer 16:9 and I know photography. It just make more sense as almost every screen we own is 16:9. The only situation I prefer 4:3 is when holding the phone vertically (portrait).

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2016Brightness is not allIt is, to see content in direct sun is so important as if to have that phone or not. With higher reflections than amoled its important. Anyway what I mean is it got to be 800nits and here it is less on this šité...

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2016Brightness is not allIt got hw to make 800nits, but it somehow still make screen less bright than needed. Also I wonder how it perform so bad here and better on other sites... would need retest.

  • Anonymous

vrvly, 06 Apr 2016Even mid-range phone got bigger brightness. Not even half of wha... moreBrightness is not all

  • Lu

Hey GSMArena guys, 16:9 has never been and it will never be a photography aspect ratio. You should consult photographers before stating hard statements like "we prefer 16:9 more than any 4:3" In photography, everything wider than 3:2 ratio (70% of cameras) is considered a panoramic image. 16:9 cameras means bad portraits in horizontal orientation, and even worse portraits in portrait orientation. Since it was invented until today, 16:9 was a video standard, and never a photo standard. I could write 9 years about that, why and why, but there is google for you! Best wishes.

  • AnonD-510959

Max auto 378nit? Why do most of the reviews say it is 800nit?

  • thaied

Where is an email address for the 860 to get drivers that work. ? The LG bridge and LG mobile support tool don't list the 860.
Tried two pc's .
Who has data on the cam plus ? red light flashing forever with no buttons working. HOw to troubleshoot and know if its seen ? The phone cam works ok and all it std functionality. this leaves the campus buttons to have the same functionality also ? ..

  • Anonymous

I bought this mob. I'm quite satisfied.

  • Anonymous

Chrjns, 24 May 2016I am confused, where in the review is written that the brightnes... moreCheck Anand's review. 400 nits in manual is for a short time after which the software will adjust it and bring it down to around 330 nits. There is no way around it, if you want the screen to be bright indoors - the software won't allow it. 330 nits is very dim by its own and certainly too dim if compared to the competition.
Conclusion: don't get G5 if you need your screen to be bright enough indoors.

  • Chrjns

vrvly, 11 May 2016400nits manual mode, 800nits in auto(with sensor). Source: noteb... moreI am confused, where in the review is written that the brightness level is 800? It is only 300- 380....

  • Anonymous

Bought LG G5 and returned it after few hours. The display is super dim, nowhere close to the claimed 800 or 900 nits. I guess it's about 300/350 nits max at full manual brightness. Couldn't find a way to configure the brightness higher. Automatic won't give you more indoors so the phone is useless. Got Galaxy S7 instead and the screen is amazing.
Too bad of course, because except the display G5 looks great and there is a replaceable battery which was one of the main factors to buy it in the first place.
LG - stop using these crap IPS displays and move to AMOLED or try to use something similar to Sony's IPS, I've got Xperia Z5 Premium and it's IPS is much brighter than the crap in LG G5 (Max brightness on manual again).
Before you start screaming that the light burn your eyes - remember that we are all different and each got his own needs, I need an bright screen - yes, even indoors.

400nits manual mode, 800nits in auto(with sensor). Source: notebookcheck. So its confirmed, but of course its quite dim - you have to calibrate brightness in auto(I think G5 allow to set it somehow / you can use some app).

  • mathian

where can i find the multi-user feature?

  • AnonD-116547

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2016GFX 3.1 Manhattan (onscreen) xiaomi mi 5 scored 30 lg g5 score... moreConsider the screen resolution. LG G5 is a 2k display and Mi5 a 1080p display. The Adreno 530 has to support more pixels. So do the math.

  • DAC sucks

With the addition of B&O DAC module, I was expecting 100dB dynamic range with low THD and high audio output signal (at least 1V). However, the test results only disappoint. Look at Mate 8 & Pro 5 results which are perfect.