Microsoft Lumia 650 review: Dress for less

30 March, 2016
The Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL provided the answer to the platform’s fans starved for quality hardware and the complete flagship experience. The budget-friendly Lumia 550 that launched alongside didn't get as much attention, but served its purpose just fine - introducing the new Windows 10 to the masses.

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AnonD-234961, 31 Mar 2016Developers got lazy ? Stupidest comment of the year. Dev... moreBuild it and they will come.

  • Anonymous

Brings back memories of the terror called Windows Mobile 6.5. Battery thirsty, unreliable and unfriendly little things. And wheres the progress, win mobile 7 isvstill yhe best, it gets worse with every generation and is now dipping below the "useless" threshold. Still, the physical handsets are finally good, the Nokia Lumia plastic bricks will not be missed, ever.

  • Nauman sohail

dj avdt, 17 Apr 2016Windows 10 is much much higher than Android Or ios. Theref... moreYou are right dear

  • Babak

Hands down this is the worst phone in the history of phones. I've been using it for 4 months now and it's been horrible.

For starters MS brags about its multimedia powers, yet there are no headphones in the package. You have to buy one yourself. I guess doing this, they managed to save like 10 bucks.

The battery is not remotely close to sufficient for such power thirsty device. I mean in contrast to lets say Lumia 540, the network hardware is upgraded to LTE, some NFC and some sensors are added and stuff, yet the battery is downgraded. This is the first time I've ever had to take my power bank with me everywhere all day.

When using a 4g data connection, the connection halts for no reason. The letters "4g" are still visible on the screen but there is no send nor recieve data. The only solution is to restart the phone and this happens about every 5 minutes or so.

Apps take ages to start and some ages after that to become responsive. Sometimes when you quit an app, in order to be able to start it again you have to restart the phone.

Worst of all, it's the terrible support services that annoys me. If you have a question you can ask in the forums and sure someone will answer within 5 minutes. If you need help buying apps and stuff, MS' support staff will be more than glad to help you out. But god forbid if there is somethingn wrong with your device. No body and I mean none of the support staff knows anything about anything. They give you the same routine restart/factory reset advice and when that doesn't help, they transfer you to the next knows-nothing so called support staff.

The store finds the updates but wouldn't download and install them. Just says "pending" and that's that. No errors and no nothing. Also if you're trying to download an app over 50 megabytes via network data, the store decides that you're not component enough to make your own decision and wouldn't allow you unless you're on a wireless connection.

  • Edger the lumia

Am somurch in love with lumia 650 it look's really nice

vusi thiyane, 27 Jul 2016Good day i have alumia 435 and its not giving apps that ine... moreIf you are from India then buy intex aqua fish. If it should be Lumia then 640 xl. Do not buy any other phone from Lumia.

  • Anonymous

It's very best

  • vusi thiyane

Good day i have alumia 435 and its not giving apps that ineed i afan of lumia idont have money to buy the expensive one can you help me which one can ibuy that is cheaper and have it all Thank You

  • Anonymous

AnonD-92238, 12 Jul 2016Linux is for people with functional brain systems.I think Linux is for sensitive people

  • AnonD-92238

diggie32, 04 Apr 2016Everytime I compare the two, Windows always runs better tha... moreLinux is for people with functional brain systems.

  • AnonD-92238

dj avdt, 17 Apr 2016Windows 10 is much much higher than Android Or ios. Theref... moreno doubt you're a genius

  • AnonD-284786

AnonD-521396, 08 Apr 2016i too left samsung for windows 10lol, are you kidding me? no way, hahaha

  • Alex

Have used Lumia 650 for 2 weeks and love it so far. Hardware quality is so much better comparing to my previous HTC 510 - I can clearly hear caller mow! Good pictures, fast browser, beautiful design and no usual Windows crashes - it just works. I also like Windows 10 integration. Weak point is lack of some apps in the store, but I expect this to be solved over time.

  • dj avdt

Windows 10 is much much higher than Android
Or ios. Therefore the chipset used in 650 is
Not of higher end.thus according to my experience lumia phones are the best than any other

  • AnonD-526296

After much soul searching and three years with a Nokia 620 (which it must be said were trouble free) I ypgraded to a 650. I decided to live with the lack of useful apps British Gas Meter Reading and the AA to name but two. I am not a demanding high tech user and I just want the thing to work. So far: The wifi connection keeps going down and you can only restore it by switching the phone on and off again. This is going to drive me nuts. I tried to download the Sky news app from the Windows app store and discovered that it will get no further than "loading" and there it stays. Appaarently it only works on Windows 8.1
Could somebody have a word with somebody? Or remove the app from the store.

  • AnonD-442541

If only Lumia 650 come with a snap dragon 6xx processor,a 13mp pure view camera, larger battery capacity, this phone would be the perfect midranger for that $200 price tag. Microsoft you should know better. No hate though.

  • AnonD-521396

downtothis, 01 Apr 2016windows phone doesnt lag and runs smoothly bcuz the hardwar... morei too left samsung for windows 10

  • Anonymous

I have a Nokia 925 that I love but must say I tested the Microsoft 650 and was impressed! Great camera bright sharp pictures. The screen also bright and sharp. The build quality was top notch even better than the 950. Very thin - good screen size felt good in the hand. If anyone wants one put some time into upgrades available immediately from microsoft before using it and getting disappointed . Use one drive for all storage instead of filling up the phone. I liked it better than my 925 and intend on getting one this weekend. The only thing that is disappointing is that it can't save video content on one drive that has been sent to the phone via text message like a picture text. PS the iPhone can - that disappoints me. Keep in mind neither can my Nokia 925 or the Microsoft 950.

  • diggie32

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2016AMD's gpus run bad on linux. if you want to try linux, make... moreI have tried all configurations

  • Anonymous

diggie32, 04 Apr 2016Everytime I compare the two, Windows always runs better tha... moreAMD's gpus run bad on linux. if you want to try linux, make sure you use nvidia's gpus, and dont use opensource driver for this gpu.