LG G5 review: Time-saver edition

08 April, 2016
The LG G5 is definitely a product of bold and fresh ideas. It has the looks of a brand new flagship, the heart of a dragon and an adventurous dual camera setup suited for every occasion. But there’s more than what meets the eye, the Magic Slot.

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  • Kenny rogers
  • rEc
  • 19 Oct 2020

I had this phone back in 2018. A good phone in terms of performance and everyday use. I was always satisfied about how fast the battery fills up when it charges. 30mins: 75% (from 15%)
Great smartphone.

    Unimpressed, 27 Sep 2016The screen is not that great when compared to other phone. ... moreYou should buy a lumia 930 for photography. Its not over the top wow amazing and better than the current flagships but for around 60 bucks you cant get a better camera for the price. The images are softer so you dont get the grainy look like other phones have when u zoom in. The 930 has lossless zoom. Its a windows phone so do your research about windows phone and having windows 8.1 installed to having the latest update available of windows that is available for the device, 14393.2510. The phone came out in 2014 and for that time its the best camera and even beats newer devices.

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • CGH
      • 13 May 2019

      The phone is good but my sim is not working but put I remove the and put it in other phone is working

        • T
        • Tetteh Joseph
        • XIa
        • 02 Apr 2019

        I want to bye some

          • D
          • Davesglobe
          • IbE
          • 28 Mar 2019

          Great speaker and vibrant screen but the worst for WiFi and streaming capability. I have a Hauawei that performs better with data services(streaming). I will never pay for an Lg product again... 40 plus years to go. Get the new guy but I'm done.

            • B
            • Bassey Ofem
            • Nue
            • 14 Mar 2019

            Great innovation by LG. The LG G4 phone is great by spec. Hope to get one for my self.

              • A
              • Anthony
              • 3qB
              • 26 Apr 2018

              Had mine for a year and a half. And I've been very satisfied with almost everything. The battery is below average for a screen in that resolution, so a portable power bank or a 2nd battery is a must for people who use their phone even an average amount of time during the day. The second problem, since the fingerprint sensor is on a button, it stopped working after a year of occasional pressing. So using Knock-on is a better idea than pressing the button. Besides those 2 problems, LG G5 worked flawlessly for me, running even the most demanding apps and games smoothly. An excellent camera and a great design all together. I also have the cam plus, but don't really use it. Its not that useful. Hope it helps someone.

                • G
                • Ggfla
                • jMx
                • 13 Dec 2017

                Very happy with mine

                  • L
                  • Lg g5 is bomb
                  • Tgm
                  • 28 May 2017

                  The cameras are great. Rest of phone is what youd expect for a smart phone. Iphones are garbage in comparison.

                    • L
                    • Laurie p
                    • FED
                    • 20 May 2017

                    I've had the lg a short time love the phone. Fast charge . no way. It takes FOREVER. Other than that great

                      • V
                      • Vikas goswami
                      • gM5
                      • 08 Feb 2017

                      That modal are totli awesome...📷 are best than samsung.music awesome.

                        • j
                        • jalal
                        • v{u
                        • 18 Nov 2016

                        superb phone

                          • U
                          • Unimpressed
                          • RtE
                          • 27 Sep 2016

                          The screen is not that great when compared to other phone. Camera does not impress. Nice feature with the wide angle capabilities but regular photos dont seem turn out well. Grainy.... Especially when you zoom in. Almost to the point that i wonder if its a 16 mega pixels. Images blur if there is the slightest movement. The battery charges quickly but it burns quickly too. If you use the auto brightness feature. Your screen becomes so dim in darker environmens it becomes difficult to see. Not happy with this phone. Was free with contract and now i know why.

                            • l
                            • lol
                            • PB%
                            • 28 Jul 2016

                            LG engineers and it's modular design are stupid! they didnt know how to create a modular phone... waste of money phone

                              • D
                              • Dude
                              • Sch
                              • 24 Jul 2016

                              Meh phone. Much prefer the perfect s6 edge+

                                • D
                                • AnonD-548486
                                • Hkt
                                • 13 Jun 2016

                                LG 5 is really is gud configuration over all superb ..... but G5 Design is not gud ....

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                                  • Portal
                                  • Ixb
                                  • 10 Jun 2016

                                  Jumbo, 06 Jun 2016How is a 32% placing in the Battery test worthy of a 4-Star... moreI like the side angle camera for the lg along with the curve screen to the top and the bottom blasting speaker but few things i don't like about it is the small battery.Atleast jump to a 3500 or 3800mah removable battery which is the main deal,please keep the 5.5 display,Don't want to hear no sweet spot (5.3) nope,make it water and dust proof which is kind of cool and further more a bit metal this time.I like my lg g4 and i never like another,not even the samsung s6 and up.this g4 is the real deal.

                                    • J
                                    • Jumbo
                                    • 3Y}
                                    • 06 Jun 2016

                                    How is a 32% placing in the Battery test worthy of a 4-Star?? Isn't 60h miles behind almost everything being released today? I would give that a 2-star at MOST.

                                      • T
                                      • The guy that knows
                                      • Hq5
                                      • 02 Jun 2016

                                      I own this device. My brother bought the s7. We are both on level playing fields and use the phone in the same way. To cut a long story short my brother is feeling the regret now... The LG is very snappy. Much love for this phone. Well done LG!

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 39T
                                        • 30 May 2016

                                        display 5? really? this phone has a way worse screen than many other 2016 flagships. It has a disgusting blue hue. If resolution is enough then why did htc 10 get a 4 instead of 5. makes literally no sense.