HTC 10 review: Greatest hit

02 May, 2016
The HTC 10 is everything an HTC fan has been longing for. A full smartphone package experience without compromise. The problem with this idea is that it doesn’t exist, there will always be some phone with a better camera or better battery or a larger display. But we can always look at this idea subjectively and find the right balance between what the phone offers versus compromises you might be making.

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  • K
  • Nvx
  • 02 Jun 2022

My htc 10 keeps on turning on and off and wont charge. I have tried to reboot but its not working. What could be the issue?

    • L
    • Lieven
    • Su8
    • 27 May 2022

    I like the 5.2" screen. I need another phone now but theyre all large screens which i don't like.
    one remark about this phone is roaming goes bad, the phone gets logged of the grid when travelling, the handover to different cells fails sometimes.

      • s
      • saul
      • 8@@
      • 03 Sep 2019

      Noa, 28 Jul 2019 I wanted so desperately this mobile phone, even though I ... moreSame, even with the battery fast drain problem

        • N
        • Noa
        • 0w7
        • 28 Jul 2019

        I wanted so desperately this mobile phone, even though I have my personal HTC u11 which is undoutubly better than HTC 10, bat i can't resist to small phones because there is no small phones anymore. So, I've just decided to buy the used one. Wish myself luck :)

          I really miss small phones, like 5-5.3 inches. These htc 10's used are now 100-150 euros that's dirt cheap for what this has to offer, but the sunlight legibility in the review is just so bad that's maybe the major thing that keeps me from getting this and trying it out, shame.

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            • ADI
            • 4Av
            • 30 May 2017

            Best Smartphone of 2016 :)

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              • AnonD-282770
              • 9yX
              • 26 Jan 2017

              Got Jan Security Update on US Unlocked Version of HTC 10

                • P
                • PhoneGuy
                • Ydg
                • 30 Dec 2016

                HTC 10 in a nutshell - Has one of the best cameras on the market as per the company dxomark who tests professional grade cameras and lenses. They gave it a score of 88 which is secon only to the Google Pixel which scored 89. The only other phones that they have listed which scored 88 is the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Sony XPerformance. The Iphones (any of them ) are rated either 86 or lower. So anyone who says the camera is bad on this device is clearly wrong. The Sense UI performs fast and crisp and is among the best software available. The build quality great with the metal unibody so very tough. Yes the design reminds people of every other phone out there like the Galaxy phones or Iphones and removing the front facing speakers was definitely a trademark for HTC. Also the device does not have dust or water resistance. Other than that the device performs very well against all competitors which came out at the same time. I myself would of got the phone however it was released to only 1 carrier in Canada or at full price through HTC themselves. So because I could not get the phone on the 2-yr term, I did not want to spend the $999 plus tax outright for the phone. So I got the Sony X Performance which has dual front speakers, and is also IP68 rated for dust and water. Honest Opinion backed by facts

                  • V
                  • Virus
                  • fCF
                  • 27 Nov 2016

                  Scratch seen on Grey and gold easily, as silver Metal seen after scratches...

                    • O
                    • Omid46
                    • auJ
                    • 27 Nov 2016

                    Dearest gsmArena + HTC + fans.As long as,it is evident,I knows,this smartphone is the best amongst HTC's products!IR(infrared) is missing....$600 + is its pricey product price !!But nowadays,a flagship is having 5.7 inch screen with an use share of at least % 89 !?Bezel means 4 sidewalks of a street,sometimes,larger than the street in some seen cases !!!Nevertheless,HTC's main goal must be India,the first or second largest market in the world !!!? India has the most smartphone enthusiast commentator the world that with closing their eyes can tell any smartphone specs qualities !!!I wish the best for all mentioned names !!Omid12Omitted,....

                      • H
                      • HTC fan
                      • gDy
                      • 16 Oct 2016

                      The main wow of HTC has always been the sound quality and stereo front facing speakers. Comparing the HTC 10 should have included the HTC M9 which could definitely show that HTC abandoned its top strength and is becoming a "me too" Sam or LG, where it does not have a chance. Getting rid of the speakers kills HTC!

                        • R
                        • Rumbeat
                        • b4n
                        • 05 Oct 2016

                        This is the only Android flagship that I wish I have $ enough to buy. The only think missing is the signature front facing speakers (maybe the year). All the rest is just like a wonderful phone.

                          • D
                          • DarkReed
                          • 8%x
                          • 01 Oct 2016

                          Anonymous, 03 May 2016The review was done by the US team instead.. I was waiting ... moreThe photos show russian's cyrilic alphablet's signs. Must be an EU member of the team.

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                            • AnonD-589258
                            • k9v
                            • 25 Sep 2016

                            I have had this phone for two weeks It feels well built and solid The earphone jack is loud with my wired earphones with the Dolby on only== but lacking detail and sound stage I really like the sound with the bluetooth earphones strangely, but dislike the sound when streaming to my Tivoli Bluetooth radio I find the music lacking detail and punch compared to my Blackberry phone and Samsung phone. The front speakers -Do not sound loud at all and the phone calls are weak sounding even with the volume set up high. The phone should be priced a lot lower

                              • D
                              • AnonD-448401
                              • YPe
                              • 23 Aug 2016

                              AnonD-480113, 22 May 2016Dear gsm I think the result for sun light is worng caus... moreit seems like gsm got an faulty unit of htc 10.just like that of lg g5.lg g5 also has double the brightness what gsm showed in their sites and battery life was also good on lg g5 better than v10 and g4.

                                • D
                                • AnonD-567228
                                • w4H
                                • 01 Aug 2016

                                Htc did it finally's an excellent flagship ,,,,they redefined what a flagship really is ....s7 = s6 design + s5 features,,Samsung plz create new design ,,,No other phone beats Htc high res earphones ,,touch wiz sucks before Htc sense,,.we can install apps in external sad card unlike Samsung in Htc ,,,only lag is removing ir blaster

                                  • D
                                  • Dan
                                  • uvD
                                  • 05 Jul 2016

                                  I was amazed using m7 and really loved that phone, but later I got One ME and I can assure everyone, HTC phones are really bad now, there are mobiles that provide 4000+ mah batteries but even now HTC wants to stick a battery literally worthless to you. HTC batteries are really poor. Totally regretting and will never buy HTC again.

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • PEN
                                    • 28 Jun 2016

                                    after using for two months, the htc 10 is such an averge phone, below par camera performance, inaccurate display, so so battery life, use of cheap internals, stock ui, all the hype is intentionally built up by htc staff and htc fanboys. 1+ 3 is even better at much lower price.

                                    bye bye htc. :)

                                      • A
                                      • Amiway
                                      • XPM
                                      • 09 Jun 2016

                                      HTC 10 is the best phone in 2016 better than any known brand

                                        • r
                                        • rajat bajpai
                                        • 7j%
                                        • 06 Jun 2016

                                        Not bad but Panasonic is best