Sony Xperia X review: Rated X

20 May, 2016
There's a shift of command in the house of Xperia. The Sony Xperia X and its two siblings are taking over from the Xperia Z. A dynasty has come to an end. We hear the C and M families are being put out to pasture as well, soon it will be all X top to bottom.

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  • Anonymous

After a little more than 2 years of use the battery - just like with most phones I've used so far - started to get worse and worse. At this point I'm charging for about 7hrs to get it to 100% while one full charge doesn't get me through an entire day of moderate use.

Just letting you know since the review speaks about this point specifically, stating that exactly this would not be the case. Turns out: It will be.

Looking for some deals on Black Friday to order a new phone and will put the Xperia X to rest after like 2 years and 2 months of use. It was a great phone while it lasted but it didn't last particularly long (as opposed to what one could assume from this review), so be careful with trusting such claims.

Xperia x is very good quality phon. But one things suffered me so much. I can't make any local call when my i stay in my connected wifi area. Even others also can't making call to my cell !! And Network signal buffering suddenl. My current operating system version is Android Orieo 8.0

  • Anonymous

worst phone i ever used, issues with user friendly setups, hard to reboot and hard reset
not so happy with the camera.
sony really dont care about services

  • ussy

The Sony Experia X is quite smart amazing phone with slick and portable design good camera and the battery 🔋 is awesome sweet phone friendly user for any affordable buyer . Keep it 👆 up

  • Gowrishankar

Now days Sony design very very worst, I am also Sony user buy now that z series and L series not look good, its like a soap case,

  • Rywd

I was a happy for a few months since i bought my xperia f5122 and then wanted it swap to another phone. Noticed that It gets hot easily and battery gets drain easily at the same. Ive deleted some apps but still didnt do the job well. I am very disappointed.

  • Radars friend

AnonD-651165, 10 Mar 2017guys, which phone should I buy? Xperia X or Huawei P9? Please help :(The Xperia X is a great choice, I have one and I picked it up at Best buy for only $279. I know the Huawei is a high rated phone but it will cost more and not have as great a camera.

  • Anonymous

I got an Xperia X Dual for £210 imported to the UK from Hong Kong. At this price the phone is now an absolute BARGAIN for such quality and there is little difference between the X and the current 2017 flagships costing £400-£700! I also think it's the perfect size at 5.0 inches for typing - large enough that typing is fast and accurate, yet one handed typing is also doable and it fts in pocket easily.

  • Fanboi

This phone is a Boss, the battery lasts me 7 days with light usage hahaha! The quality makes all other phones look like and feel like cheap rubbish. The speed and camera are awesome, never lags with anything even when multitasking. Fingerprint scanner is fast and works perfectly everytime even upside down! and the sound is loud and clear. The Xperia X is nothing like the M series, it is the improved modern version of the Z5. Oh and both rear and front facing cameras are as good as a DSLR. I recommend this phone to everyone.

  • Kallauri sarama

I'm interested in Sony xperia z1compact tab and phone but only small problem 1) phone battery backup in available pl

  • AnonD-651165

guys, which phone should I buy? Xperia X or Huawei P9? Please help :(

  • Mark Rs

Hi guys .. I bought my Xperia X Dual 64gb in Saudi .. and then I brought in the Philippines , after a week I felt the problem..Now my Xperia X dual was always AutoShutdown without any reason .. And I don't know what is the problem ..

  • AnonD-594446

I don't get why there's so much fuss about the phone and if you own it you will love it

  • Yogi

Such a beautiful phone at reduced price. Go for it blindly...
I'm using this phone almost for 2 months..
Stunning camera, crystal clear pictures, eye-pleasing display, decent colours, best battery backup.. more n more...
What else you need....!

  • baluga

AnonD-573126, 16 Aug 2016The WiFi on my Z3c failed out of warranty and cannot be repaired... morethe best deal is with Virgin Mobile, they don't have any upfront cost at all.....

Tigar Herman, 10 Jul 2016How to change system font xperia X?U need rooted ur device..after u can everything.. Its ur ownrisk..u can learn more about root.......

  • Vendhar

Sony managed to get good camera review for their low range Xperia E5 but they screwed up their flagship camera. Very bad Sony :(

  • AnonD-573126

The WiFi on my Z3c failed out of warranty and cannot be repaired so looked for a new phone and this seemed to fit the bill. Seems like Carphone Warehouse are being left with stock. Current offer is 6gb data unlimited texts and calls for £32 a month for 24 months with Vodafone. Over the contract period that is just £288 more than my current SIM only 5gb deal at £20 a month!! As the only downside in this review was price I did the deal.

  • razorg

which IMX sensor is used in X? Is it the same with Xperia Z5's IMX300 or?

  • Mickey

Is the whole whole a metal body just like iphones?