Samsung Galaxy Note7 review: Time-saver edition

24 August 2016
It's once again that time of the year when the world goes all Note and eager to try the new S Pen. It's the iconic stylus that gives the Samsung Galaxy Note7 and its predecessors their unique identity and writing on the screen with the new S Pen feels the most natural yet. And with this generation, you can even scribble notes where the screen is off and it would happily venture where most electronics would not dare - underwater.

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  • Anonymous

Note7 owner, 19 Oct 2016This is an amazing phone. Please leave it under your pillow... moreThis a very beautiful description I kind of wish I had one but instead I have the stupid S9+

This is an amazing phone. Please leave it under your pillow at night when charging so others can't steal it from you. At the same time you are doing civilization a favor.

  • R.J

Samsung should focus on quality rather than on variety and quantity.Between two stools one looses ground.Flagship phones should look and feel different from midrange and other phones.R J Lko. India

  • Anonymous

4.8/5 for design and build quality. Hilarious.

  • Angel

Ravi soni, 15 Sep 2016This dvice is very very oswammmmmYes this note 7 is real shats this time.... hope Samsung can do something about it ! To improve not only the batteries but all the hardware inside this model. Thanks

  • Angel

All the while I have been using NOTE, from Note 1 to Note 7, till the batteries failure that disappoint me and made me loose confident in Samsung products. Well, real hope that Samsung can do something about it to rebuild the trust and confidence from their royalty customers. Else I might thinking change to other brands. Samsung technologies team please pull up your shocks !

  • Ravi soni

This dvice is very very oswammmmm

  • AnonD-367917

mir, 05 Sep 2016So how do you feel now that the Note 7 is being recalled be... more'mir'; defend the product?!
What are you suggesting? I am a fanperson?
Quite the opposite.
I am a technology enthusiast that goes where I want.

I used to work in a hock shop on weekends for pocket money. One day I came into work and told my workmates that I had paid $80 for a TEAC CD player.
They started laughing (we sold shitty TEAC CD players for around $20), I then went on to confirm that the CD player I bought had no remote with it.
I then explained to them that TEAC made the worlds best disc spinner at the time (The
TEAC p70, and that my TEAC P700 was the precursor to that excellent model.) When I explained the value of the transport I had picked up, for a 'mere $80', the laughter stopped, and the CONGRATULATIONS went up.

Why are people on this webpage so shallow and amused with their clever selections only?
I am happy that others are happy with their phones.
I do not go trawling these forums and throw poop on others or dis' their selections.

I do write positive stuff about some of my purchases, and sometimes negative stuff, based on user experience...
I come here to contribute.. to be a part of a (tech) community...
To get answers and learn from all the (hopefully useful) information contained here in.

Glad you feel I am a fan 'defending' something! (?)
Perhaps you see it as a defence as I may have blocked 'attacks' aimed at said equipment?
It is just an interesting point of view you hold to me enjoying my tech product.

I don't like Samsung.
In fact I have had some major issues with a range of their products (a high end TV in particular, that renders 3D in an aliased low resolution mode making it unusable for my intended purposes, comes easily to mind).
I do like my Note series of phones.
Best I can find for what my phone needs are.
I simply look for the features I am after in a product, and Samsung come up on that shortlist every time. They should given the number of different model phones they make. Phone with a built in projector? Check! Phone with actual camera optics? Check! Etc etc

The Note 7 hits it out of the ballpark.
There is a lot of features in a well engineered, svelte body.
For those with the means and the interest, I can confirm, it is an excellent product. Hence why I appear in threads about this product, and try to clear up misinformation where it appears (like the idea that 6Gb of ram could do ANYTHING to make this phone better- it simply will not in real world usage).

The only thing that the present 'inconvenience' of having to swap my phone means is that I can try, relatively 'risk free', for a few weeks using my phone with out a case.
The first case I bought for it was a wrap around one.
Will keep a screen protector on it (though I could be using it right now without one of them as well), and get a slim line back protector with a front 'lip' as the case for the replacement.

Sure I will have to rewarm up the 'audio chipset'; it took a week of 'break in' to get to sounding where it does now - arguably the best portable audio experience I have heard, certainly for one box setups!

If I get any bonus from Samsung (some suggestions about VR kit) for the trouble.. yay!
Given I received a free 256Gb storage card (and enjoy a huge selection ~300Gbs of lossless audio at any given moment), and further bonuses for 'blindly buying' the new Samsung phone are mine to fully enjoy.

Anyhow, not a fan..
I do think Samsung have handled this situation respectfully and relatively quickly.
I wish them well for further unit sales.
It is a groundbreaking phone to me,.. a bit like when I saw my first HTC M7, or my HTC Touch Pro 2.

  • Daniel W

mir, 05 Sep 2016So how do you feel now that the Note 7 is being recalled be... moreWhile I don't endorse any particular brand, keep in mind that a battery subcontractor having a quality control problem, doesn't necessarily say much about the quality of the devices into which the batteries are going.

For the record, Sammy has been selling more smartphones than anybody else, every quarter since the beginning of 2012. They didn't realistically get that market share from low quality, rushed products.

AnonD-367917, 27 Aug 2016Why? What could that possibly garner? Perhaps a more effi... moreSo how do you feel now that the Note 7 is being recalled because its such a troublesome and low quality phone? Lags, burning/exploding batteries and bootloops. You still want to defend a product that Samsung clearly rushed into the market?

  • AnonD-576060


  • AnonD-367917

AnonD-491426, 25 Aug 2016This, could have been a worthy upgrade if they have just wa... moreWhy?
What could that possibly garner?
Perhaps a more efficient CPU on a smaller die could yield a longer run time from the battery?!

Extra RAM and a MORE POWERFUL CPU wouldn't make it a better Note, just a few numbers different on a specification sheet, or a higher 'artificial' number generated by some benchmark suite...

For real world usage, there is THIS NOTE 7. Available now. Real world performance and usage. Perfectly brilliant phone.
But, yes, for those that buy the Note series to own a phone to brag about, then they no doubt have shrunken 'wallets' from the little increase their money buys them over this years S7 variants.
Samsung isn't targeting S series buyers with this phone.. though anyone at the moment ready to buy a phone might opt for a Note vs an 'S',.. but they wouldn't be missing out on anything.

What software needs the 'extra speed' or RAM you talk about? (Seriously!)(?)
Instead of pretending it isn't good enough, how could it be improved? More powerful CPU and GPU are needed for when the existing ones are not good enough?! What are the included parts not good enough for?

Curious, cause I know the answer for the vast majority is the included parts (being the best available) are perfectly fine, and 'over reaching' what a phone needs to do as they are...
Bolstering them at a great expense just so some people who don't understand technology but want to spent the most money they can on buying technology just isn't the smartest market to cater for... and if those people actually bought this phone exclusively; then repeatedly in the press we would see the worst CEOs, the worst examples of BRAGGING RIGHTS WANNABEs, and the worst ambassadors for phones; touting their cutting edge 6GB, never happy with the CPU, type people..- who never ACTUALLY USE the product!

  • AnonD-491426

This, could have been a worthy upgrade if they have just waited for the SD821 or their own Exynos 8893
employed by their 2nd/3rd generation 14NM technology, supported by a 6GB-DDR4 of RAM; as the standard bass model.