Samsung Galaxy C7 review: A Note for the masses

29 August 2016
Busy expanding its lineup, Samsung is using a Sesame Street approach of sorts, going through the alphabet one letter at a time. The hard bit is to guess how the C-line fits in Samsung's existing lineup. With midrange specs and slim all-metal bodies, the closest comparison seems to be to the Galaxy A lineup. The C5 and C7 do, however, bring about a few notable hardware improvements over the "A" models, so we're curious to see how the Koreans will market them.

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  • Anonymous

Shafaan, 24 Feb 2018When will it (Samsung Galaxy C7) be upgraded to Android 7.0... morerss

  • Ali

Shafaan, 24 Feb 2018When will it (Samsung Galaxy C7) be upgraded to Android 7.0... moreAlready has months ago.

You need to install samsung kies3 on your laptop and then connect it to upgrade it.

  • Shafaan

When will it (Samsung Galaxy C7) be upgraded to Android 7.0 (nougat)?

  • AnonD-731326

I am a fan of this phone but am dissapointed with how fragile it is. I'm up for a new face and am having trouble finding a Replacement and a technician to fix it in Auckland New Zealand. Can anyone help?

  • Anonymous

Water proof or not

  • Mame

Samsung C7 Rv8j11sG19n no massege

  • me

Ali raza, 11 Oct 2016Nice phone of the world.. I bought it $439.can you plz confirm about its front cam result

  • AnonD-396099

Afshèen, 12 Feb 2017Samsung C7 or huaewei Nova plus plz comment?C7 hands down - chinese phones still have shoddy quality control. That means things like backlight bleed in even the best displays. And oc they wont send these phones for review - those are hand picked units.

  • AnonD-653718

My C7000 is causing voice feedback (echo problem) to other end/receiver.
Any solution would be welcomed.

  • Sara

babytrex, 23 Nov 2016does this device come with notification light just as the o... moreYes It Has notification Light

  • Anonymous

If this still playing game from some OEM then this must be stop at all and misleading the consumer.
The sammy galaxy C7 getting higher 1000 score (way too high than other SD625 phone and its doesn't make sense)and it doesn't give any real benefit to user experience in term
of computational power.
>5000 multi cpu score in the galaxy C7 almost reach the MT Helio X20 performance region and no other SD625 phone even can reach 3500 score gap.
I hope GSMarena team start to look into this "trick score no" and need to aggressively report to reader if they found that some OEM getting too far high score from the other
I dont believe liltle tweak in OS kernel will boost so much high score.

  • Afshèen

Samsung C7 or huaewei Nova plus plz comment?

  • jony

3300mph is so not perfect this moment so we next c7 model with 4000mph battery in this month immediate. we r wait for that to buy

  • AnonD-628627

Yesterday I bought this phone but one thing in this ohobe that does not have music player .the Google play is not good that nuch

  • bigmansoor

The c series are extremely great,but your product is unaffordable for the masses,meaning is expensive thank you and keep it up with the great job.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-566030, 03 Sep 2016I bought this phone 64gb in Dubai for $430.And.... This phone is ok.Because I waint buy this samsung. Tank you!

  • AnonD-613318

you guys says that OP3 is cheaper than C7, where do you live? In Indonesia OP3 is more expensive rather than C7. If OP3 is cheaper than C7, i definitely chose OP3 fo sure!! LOL

  • Techie

Please do the review of Moto Z Play

  • babytrex

does this device come with notification light just as the older siblings of the Samsung family?

  • Khalid multan