Sony Xperia X Compact review: Small and brave

17 September 2016
The Compact series by Sony used to occupy a niche of its own as it combined top-of-the-line specs with a pocketable footprint. The latter is still very much true for the just released Xperia X Compact but it no longer has the flagship specs that we’re used to.

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  • 25 Jul 2021

My sony xperia gets heated up whenever i start my phone camera. I cant use the back camera!! Any advice???

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    • 01 Jul 2020

    Oh yeah! Plastic phones FTW! And Compact ! And... It is a Sony! I'm No fan boy, bit I have always liked Sony products, from stereo to phone. My gf has this one before. It is really Sturdy but the camera is No Good.

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      • 06 Dec 2018


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        • 04 Jun 2017

        Zozzy, 01 Jun 2017Thansk man already bought it instead of se and im very sati... moreglad you got it over the SE man. the compact flagship range is something that has no competition for sony.

        better display, better camera, better features. Microsd card, better battery life, better literally everything.

        Enjoy the phone

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          • Zozzy
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          • 01 Jun 2017

          AnonD-521587, 20 Feb 2017Buying the sony x compact is an absolute no brainer I guran... moreThansk man already bought it instead of se and im very satisfied 😁

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            • 14 May 2017

            Why didn't they use the only other compact, the iphone se, in the performance tests?

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              • 23 Feb 2017

              I wouldn't go for it. Looks cheap even though it isn't and it doesn't have many features that old X had so...Just bought it though after a Z3 Compact but I'm not impressed. Sony should have kept the good things from old Xperias like waterproof glass back and others (except for manufacture quality). 4K video also not really necessary. 300 euros max could be a fair price for it having in mind the competition which offers many good alternatives.

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                • 20 Feb 2017

                Zozzy, 05 Oct 2016Guys,I dont know what to take iphone SE,xperia x compact or... moreBuying the sony x compact is an absolute no brainer I gurantee it. There is simply no compact phone in the world that cna compete. the SE is a piece of shit phone that is way too small and lacks all the features that the x compact packs. The x compact is superior in every way I cant think of one thing the SE does better than the X compact.

                The x compact will last you a long time because of qnovo battery tech which means the battery lasts longer in the long run something no other phone has.

                it baffles me people talk shit about this phone yet have no clue what kind of tech is in this .

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                  • 17 Feb 2017

                  Anonymous, 19 Sep 2016Still mediocre camera quality. They make great sensors for ... morecheck out you tube videos comparing camera shots from other have to learn how to use sony's, manual mode produces brilliant images. although theoir auto mode needs a lot of work.

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                    • AnonD-627873
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                    • 19 Jan 2017

                    I like this phone look great...i love the black and white colour better than xz silver and black colour...

                      Zozzy, 05 Oct 2016Guys,I dont know what to take iphone SE,xperia x compact or... moreXperia X Compact for the win.
                      Looks damn sexy

                      I bought OnePlus 3T, the fastest phone in the world, but still sometimes miss Sony. I can't tell why exactly I feel that way though.

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                        • 13 Oct 2016

                        Zozzy, 05 Oct 2016Guys,I dont know what to take iphone SE,xperia x compact or... moreIf your looking for a reliable cellphone that would last for 2-3 years go for XC. Iphone SE maybe with first fall gonna be broken, not to mention you would need to replace the battery 2-3 times because of the poor lifespan.
                        Xc is basically XZc but in a simple way. You almost have everything you need in XZ except 4k video which for most of people not that important.
                        You can check speed test comparing to XZ, and it also survived being drowned in water without officially said it's water resistance

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                          • lojza_cz
                          • 3pi
                          • 05 Oct 2016

                          please, compare in all graph idealy same phones, in 1 is Z5C, in other´s 2 not Z5C, little chaos...

                          Z5C is better choice,in Tmobile CZ is price the same with XXC, 468,5 Euro. CPU in XXC is not bad for 6core, I endured the removal of water resistance, but no 4K video ?
                          inconceivable... maybe very bad marketing, good for SONY, bad for people. big negative in Z5C is small RAM, if i look to memory manager, used in everytime more than 1,7GB, why ?

                          i like SONY phones, but competition tries and goes forward to the SONY ridden train ...

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                            • 05 Oct 2016

                            Guys,I dont know what to take iphone SE,xperia x compact or z5c.I want to buy a phone that will last up to 3-4 years.Z5c is the cheapest one,but its one year old...(still thinking about buying it).IF im going to buy an iphone, it will be my first time having an iphone(i have heard that they can last for a long time,if they dont get cracked xD).The SE is the smallest flagship smartphone i can buy.And for the xperia x,i am a little bit dissapointed,but i still like the design(except beezels).And the price is a little bit too high.I would wait for xperia xz compact,but i dont know if sony will ever make it,and when will they make it.

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                              • 26 Sep 2016

                              this website is amazing i always use it

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                                • 26 Sep 2016

                                Thus Sony compact is the mother of compacts.

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                                  • vD0
                                  • 26 Sep 2016

                                  A bit late to the party.
                                  I was one of the skeptics in regards to the phone's performance/battery life. Seems to be ok-ish on both.
                                  I believe another forumite already pointed out that they should have gone with a SoC on a more modern process, and I guess the result show up here. The battery life, while good, isn't as great as it could be. I don't care too much about 3d/gaming scores on a compact, so I guess the performance aspect is adequate (beating last year's underperforming SoC isn't much of an accomplishment). Now, the issue is cost, which we didn't know the last time I was here. This thing cost more than a S7/10/G5 over here right now. I don't think I'd spend the money on this at the current time. I'll give it 3-4 months and see how much it comes down. If it gets down to ~$350-400 mark, I guess I'll pick one up without much complaints (aside from the camera, but then again I've already given up all hope on Sony cameras).

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                                    • 25 Sep 2016

                                    Anonymous, 25 Sep 2016The s7 is a great phone, my wife has it, but she likes larg... moreOne more thing, I bought the phone from the UK site Clove for $450 shipped. Looking at the U.S. version on Amazon, it doesn't have bands 29 and 30 for ATT, nor does it have a fingerprint scanner enabled.

                                    The only advantage to buying the U.S.version is warranty in the U.S. I do believe if you had issues though you can ship the phone back to Clove and they can submit for warranty repair in the UK. This would be a little more expensive and take longer, but I decided it was worth it.

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                                      • 25 Sep 2016

                                      Anonymous, 25 Sep 2016Thank you for posting your views on the Xc. It was very hel... moreThe s7 is a great phone, my wife has it, but she likes larger screens as she keeps it in her purse and prefers to use two hands anyways.

                                      I have used her phone a lot when trying to decide if I would stick with the compacts. 5 inches while not huge, is still just too much phone for me.

                                      The z5c was noticeably slower opening apps, browsing the web, and switching to programs already opened in the background. It also ran a little warm performing these simple tasks. I also could not get more than 7.5 hours of screen on time with an entire charge, some of the life of the phone I am sure has degraded since this is clearly not a phone that is coming directly off the production line to your hands. 7.5 hours is not bad by most phones standard today, but I've come to expect more from Sony.

                                      The xc I was initially disappointed with the large bezels, slightly larger overall, no water resistance, and mid range soc, but I figured I would at least give it a try and I am glad I did. The phone is smooth as butter. I can notice no speed difference between the exynos s7 and this phone at least in normal operations. The screen is only 720p but holding the two together, I can't say I am really missing anything.

                                      I am actually really pleased with this phone as it relates to actually using it. I loved the z3c, but still never felt the phone ran quite this quick. My only complaint to Sony would be for the next iteration, please reduce the bezels a bit and if possible bring back water resistance. But in the end, form factor dictates my decision.

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                                        • 25 Sep 2016

                                        Anonymous, 24 Sep 2016Did you not just read my post below? Functionality wise th... moreThank you for posting your views on the Xc. It was very helpful and informative. I currently own a Samsung S7 and find it a bit too large for one handed use and somewhat heavier than it should be for day to day operation. I believe the Xc strikes the perfect balance between size, performance, and weight.