Nubia Z11 review: Work hard, play hard

14 October 2016
Living in the shadow of a bigger brother is never easy. However, with the right effort you can turn the odds in your favor and also have a lot of fun in the process. Nubia is definitely a prime example of a proper departure from its ZTE roots.

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  • AnonD-137518

Rico m, 27 Feb 2017A great good looking and with good performance however whit... moreWhat are the features missing in international rom? does it has French language as it is not sold in France? thank you.

  • Rico m

A great good looking and with good performance however white a poor international rom in comparison with the Chinese rom.
If zte will put an effort in bringing to the international rom theme features like in Chinese rom it would make it an awesome cellphone.

  • Sombir verma

I want this phone

  • AnonD-612764

I have observed and read many articles on ZTE Nubia Z11. Despite 820 sd chipset, ZTE didn't make max effort to produce a stunning phone in z11. So, pass over for next available phone.

  • Frenchgeek

This phone is good but i have a issue with the battery percentage. This option do not work. It doesn't appear at: other setting/battery. Is anybody has this issue?

  • AnonD-603331

coyz, 15 Oct 2016Thank you for this very detailed review! I just have one qu... moreHi, where did you buy yours from? Been trying to find a black 6GB and failed miserably

  • Denisss000

I am interested in the Z11, but I don't find any feedback about software updates. Does Nubia regullary update phones?

Really well done to ZTE, they are doing a very respectable job. The Axon 7 & nubia Z11 are excellent phones, top flagship specs like but with the lowest prices possible. Okay they need to improve more on the software side, eventually it will happen. But by just considering that generally speaking they can compare with the top flagships with just halve the price, well I think it's an excellent job right! !? Well done to ZTE

  • carbonatedcheeze

Seems like cheated design from Sony's XA. Though this one looks more attractive.

  • hope

Jason melling , 16 Oct 2016Massive top and bottom bezels, very poor call this massive bezels...r u stuid...go to your apple daddy ask them why the have the largest bezels in the world

  • coyz

Even the non-expandable storage is an issue with other brands but not with apple...why???

  • coyz

How come that FM radio and non-removable battery become an issue here? Are these issues being considered with Iphones and samsung high ends phones? When did Apple release a removable battery and with an FM radio? It seemed no one considered it as a disadvantage...

  • Hoffmann

Good phone with great camera. I still do not know why didn't GSM Arena review the Axon 7 yet.

AnonD-94869, 15 Oct 2016GSMARENA, WHY the main shortcomings for this model are No f... morePlease take a second and actually look at the disadvantages listed in the reviews of the iPhone 7 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

What's up with great phones and not having FM radio ? It's like a basic small thing integrated in far cheaper devices.Like Samsung S6 and S7 don't have it,like what's up with that ?

  • AnonD-505564

Jason melling , 16 Oct 2016Massive top and bottom bezels, very poor design.Is this a joke?

  • Jason melling

Massive top and bottom bezels, very poor design.

  • Force Majeure

Mumbai-Indians, 15 Oct 2016Considering your opinion LG V20 & LG G5 are low end mob... moreYeah, the 5.5" are too big usually, aint going to get one of those, unfortunately 8/10 seems to come with 5.5".

  • Anonymous

Was about to purchase this until I realized that axon 7 is superior and from same company.

  • AnonD-442781

AnonD-94869, 15 Oct 2016GSMARENA, WHY the main shortcomings for this model are No f... moreThe s7 has FM radio.