GSMArena smartphone buyer's guide: 2016 Holiday edition

22 October 2016
We've had an exciting year in the smartphone world and for those that haven't upgraded in a while, it's time to answer the question - what should you put in the letter to Santa? Sure, it might be a bit early for the holiday shopping, but we don't expect any new major phones launching to market this year so this buyer's guide will probably be the last one for 2016.

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  • AnonD-678860

Hello folks,
I know it's not really updated but please give your input on deciding what phone to buy:
My LG G flex 2 died recently warranty is over, so need a new one, I'm thinking about one of these, their prices are in EUR:
redmi note 4 X: 165
Moto G5Plus: 233
Xiaomi Mi5: 240
Moto X style: 253
LG G5 SE (sd652): 271
Lenovo P2: 279
A5 2017: 292

Each have some strengths and drawbacks, please help me decide.

  • masterminder

i cant freaking believe the huawei nova is not on this list, firstly you HAVE to see the core processor itself work, its so FREAKING EFFICIENT,secondly that display and the design makes it look posh, thirdly,that camera is capable of being a 16mp , i can guarantee you that

  • AnonD-639995

Alright after the comments fighting i came to conclude some points about smartphones.

first, i was looking for a phone at the 400$ price range and i came to choose the Honor 8 here's why .. maybe i can make you feel better buying it .. before everything you should stay away from trap phones aka Chinese manufactured .. you know there's One Plus 3 and the Xiaomi mi 5 and 5s and so on .. these phones offering good specs for low prices .. actually they've proven that you can get a flagship quality for half the price! and that changed how companies sell their products now..
apart from 1+ it's proved that it's a solid phone all in all as a chinese manufactured and making services available like in US & UK but, for me it was a tough decision i live in an Arabian region so i can't put myself with it; if it's damaged i can't fix it .. so other phones like Xiaomi are meant for china and have a weird software on .. but u know there's no real services for them in our countries .. whilst the Honor 8 is made by Huawei it's a premium company no one can deny it's proven itself among the big players and i mean ( Samsung and Apple ) as a Chinese manufacturing company .. also it's the 3rd biggest company after Samsung and Apple has it's service providers worldwide .. So Honor 8 was a good all in one package ( good performance, respectable camera and gorgeous design ) .. so please if you just not in it for the brand .. don't get them steal you by selling high priced low-performance phones like these Zenfones i'm talking to you Asus and these overpriced midrange samsungs phones .. it's just doesn't make any sense why selling these phones for overpriced tag while it didn't yet prove it self among others .. So always buy a manufacturer u can trust unless u know what you're doing! ..
Lastly, the people complaining about Xperia XZ u got to know that Sony is a respectable Japanese company and it makes high quality products if not the best camera phones on market and premium feature .. so people buying Xperia's are like people who r buying Galaxies and Iphones .. they pay premium price for premium phones .. u got to pay to play

  • AnonD-639906

I have A question.
A Sony Xperia X it is a Water Resistant or Waterproof?? Thanks

  • jason

AnonD-564674, 24 Oct 2016"5.2 is more than sufficient for most people today" Y, for... moreThen give me sony xz

  • AnonD-481725

AnonD-412467, 01 Jan 2017Reviewers are always trying to underscore XZ (Sony so),if t... moreCan you believe this, all are trying to put down Japanese beast, omg.

  • amir

plz add vivo xplay6 &xplay 9 , also oppo too(they are better in sales in china too)
These phones my not be in usa but as your readers are from worldwide, why not especially that 3-4 billions are from indiachina/taiwan & the rest of the world which is half of the earth population who knows such beasts brands...
also nubia z11mini S which has the best camera in its price range.

  • Anonymous

You can get Honor 8 for $300 in USA. For this price it's a steal!

  • AnonD-412467

Reviewers are always trying to underscore XZ (Sony so),if this phone always showed better performance against Samsung and Iphone...
Oh Sony! What did you do to deserve that...?

  • Anonymous

Moto g4 plus should be added into the post

  • AnonD-568493

Tourettes Guy, 26 Dec 2016GSMArena decided to put the G4 in the $400-$500 category ye... moreTry Xiaomi.

  • AnonD-260946

AnonD-620461, 14 Dec 2016is redmi note 3 pro still worth right now ? or should i wai... moreYes it is better than the Redmi note 4 imo

  • AnonD-260946

Lead2XL, 16 Dec 2016You mention that the Redmi 3S base model has no fingerprint... moreGood call with the Z2

  • AnonD-260946

Tourettes Guy, 26 Dec 2016GSMArena decided to put the G4 in the $400-$500 category ye... moreWith Xiaomi you can ;)

GSMArena decided to put the G4 in the $400-$500 category yet they complain that its chipset is not as good? Damn it's a 2015 flagship, you don't expect an 820 for that. Nobody lives in the future and LG is not super company who can get the future processors

  • AnonD-260946

Novage, 24 Dec 2016Where is the mate 9?Aint nobody can afford that....

  • AnonD-260946

The redmi note 3/4 is less than 100 gbp from the right place. I don't know how it is in the 200-300 category.

Where is the mate 9?

  • Anonymous

Abuzz vgcdsxcf, 17 Dec 2016Better features? What if you want to expand your memory? ... moreIf 256 gig isnt enough you mean? Well yeah that would be a problem. And battery? Real life vs paper specs, iphones have great battery life for real users, like iphone SE that easily outlasts the bigger batteries of xperia compact models, and still the performance of SE is better. Apple has increased its lead substantially, real users do t have the issues you listed, you just digging for poor excuses.

  • Abuzz vgcdsxcf

Christian, 24 Oct 2016Your wishfull thinking can't change the reality. Get over ... moreBetter features? What if you want to expand your memory? What about if you want a headphone jack? What about the fact the camera is rated worse than the Samsung? What about wanting a longer battery life? It's all about what features are important to you