Moto G4 Plus review: Tuned up

07 November 2016
The original Moto G is one of those legendary devices that has earned itself a well-deserved iconic status. It single-handedly put Motorola on the map in many countries and established its reputation as a go-to brand for reliable, well-built and well-supported near-stock Android handsets on the cheap.

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  • Sanjay m

Best mobile till now for me its working without problem since june 2016. still running like new phone.

  • Jones Kirubakar.

Best Mobile in Motorola, Dual Flash, Laser Autofocus, Front Fingerprint, Center in Headphone Jack Present, Turbo Power Battery Charging, 5.5" , 77mm(width) Broad Large Screen, very cheap Price, All is well, Good Budget Smartphone @ Motorola History, always all Expected this Phone, So please continue this smart phone, [one bae news, now this smart phone not available in any stores] so please continue this smart phone @ Budget price.

  • Amit

DVT, 02 Apr 2019My moto g4 plus not charging turbo only normal charging C... moreChange the charging cable.. use the good quality cable

  • ramdas

DVT, 02 Apr 2019My moto g4 plus not charging turbo only normal charging C... moremotorol is nais

  • DVT

My moto g4 plus not charging turbo only normal charging
Charger is ok
Pl tell solution of this problem

  • Sai

First your team had given a update and fix all the bugs like heating issues,screen jumping while charging,improve the phone performance,work on lagging, switch on notification led hidden feature and solve the bugs, replace atleast moto transparent home screen &menu launcher behalf of boring google now launcher work on your update and given an update to all users using moto g4 plus in INDIA. WE are waiting for your promise. So please given an update as soon as possible in India. Already the phone is launched 4 years.Its 2019 but you dont given an update for this phone till date. Its very good phone why you dont work on it.its getting too late.

  • Anonymous

Camera not working , When I press click button , whole the controlling buttons are disappered and I have to restart the cemera . I cant use I while charging as the screen is out of control if I unlock tge phone , ut starts operating itself while charging

  • Anto

This phone keeps switching off even with 60% charge. Tried the recommended fixes but no good. Off to buy a Samsung now.

  • Anonymous

is the g4 Q enabled

  • Anonymous

Moto 4G is very bad fone it has battery and touch problem. I don't suggest to buy this fone

  • Bhush

Dave , 20 Jul 2018Phone and customer support are both useless never will buy ... moreRight..

  • krishna kumar

kindly let me know which app is compact able for call recording for moto g4plus hand set .
I tried many app installed, but recording is happening and when i play back the recorded
message , there is no sound. Is it a Bug for this particular hand set.Can we rectify it.

  • Dave

Phone and customer support are both useless never will buy another phone off Motorola ever

  • Anynmous

Moto G4 plus xt 1643 received security patch for Feb 2018 on 29 Mar 18


Compass applications are not working in motoG4plus

  • Upset buyer

I haven't had this phone more than 3 weeks and it's not hearing aid compatible and they won't take it back and give me a different phone 3 complaints at the store and they sent it away still not fixed.

  • Pallu

This is very worst phone. This phone is given 2 times to the service centre in one month. It hangs when it was 50% charging.And it was automatically switched off whenever I am using internet. The service center in Bangalore is not responding for the complaints. I request the management to order the service centres to respond properly for the costumers.I request the buyer's to don't buy the set if it is not improved.

  • AnonD-692909

Worst phone of my life.
Battery Life is very less.
Phone Hangs.
Restart itself Many Times.
Slowness after few days.
Camera is not upto the Mark.
Heating Issue while charging and video playing.
Battery Sucks very fast.
Charger also stopped humble request to the Motorola company please check with your quality control department and improve this things in next generation phone i will never ever buy Motorola phone onwards because of such a worst experience with g4 plus phone . I would say rather than this 4g phone my old 2g phones are much much better plz serve yourself with this review

  • AnonD-692909

i am tired of moto experience. this phone has heating issue , battery gets drained within a hour.even calling function is so bad that if u choose one contact to call it will malfunction. touch is bad and fingerprint sensor ia the time of charging the phone will automatically get operates. guys i request you people who are interest to buy moto series/ lenovo mobiles, i highly recommend please don't buy..if you people are ordered please cancel it. your well wisher

  • Pavi

Moto g4 plus I'm using now, this set very hanging.wt is the reason of hanging set ... Every time hang the set .. very very worst set in market ...