Apple iPhone 7 Plus review: Time-saver edition

30 November 2016
Compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 7 Plus comes with a more refined design, it packs even more processing power, and ups the game with a new dual-camera setup on the back.

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  • Ashvinji thakor

Nice peace

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Nope

Yaaa, 24 Oct 2020Can u suggest iphone 7 plus or redmi note 9s is better?Realme 7i

  • Yaaa

Can u suggest iphone 7 plus or redmi note 9s is better?

  • Anonymous

Facetime available?

  • Poopie

Did you see that the phone has .5 stars I the graphics for rating? Lol, they need to update this website to better reflect that the phone is actually 4.5/5 stars.

Dimas Joe Poh, 24 Feb 2020Certified with 4G?Duhhhhhh

  • Dimas Joe Poh

Certified with 4G?

  • Gaya

Is that I phon 7 plus is dial sim ?

  • alfa hidayatullah

I want to have an iPhone because of its features

  • Fred

I bought my first IPhone 7 Plus last September mainly for the dual camera.
Not quite one year as yet but as we live out of the. Country the warranty is void.
The battery exploded last weekend.
Wasn’t even on my charge.

  • khawaja

best ever phone 😙


am loving my phone

  • Anonymous

Rick, 21 Jan 2018Bought the 7 plus and the only problem I’m having is the br... moreThat makes sense. Brightness gets lower ad the day carries on to extend your battery life.

  • benjaa

how to activate my rear camera for the apple phone

  • last name

what’s with the ratings?

  • Rick

Bought the 7 plus and the only problem I’m having is the brightness will back off after some use. Have looked for a place to lock it so I don’t have to keep resetting it constantly, but everything I’ve tried doesn’t work. Have called and talked to support a couple different times and they even ran diagnostics on it. But nothing was found to be a software problem. Was told that the brightness will go down as the battery life goes down to save on battery usage, but not sure if I’m buying that reply. Is anyone else having this issue?

  • jaspher

bought mine last week and since then it froze 5x.. when siri is activated it just mess up some of the features.. volume button adjust do not show.. will last 3 hours playing games.. i was told when i bought it by the sales rep that they had multiple reports of lines showing when the phone gets wet or dropped in a glass of water and those lines are not part of the warranty.. so that water resistant feature might be a false advertisement but i wont know because i will not risk it. not recommended

  • Krish

I bought I phone 7 plus , on August 18 ,,, and it stopped working on 25th sep, so it's not a good to buy , please avoid to buy 7 plus....