CES 2017: ZTE Blade V8 Pro hands-on

05 January 2017
ZTE continues to march forward in 2017 to becoming an authority on the US smartphone market. That’s why the Chinese company is taking CES 2017 very seriously and its right here in Las Vegas where the company is proudly showcasing the Blade V8 Pro.

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  • AnonD-754749
  • YYI
  • 25 Apr 2018

I Just Ordered This Phone The Other Day via Amazon.com, I Like The Phone Considering The Specs To Price Ratio. That Being Said I Wish Two Things This Phone Had That It Doesn't Have Compared To My "Old" LG G2 - The G2 Has a Better Screen-to-Body Ratio Even Though It's Only 5.2" Compared To The ZTE's 5.5", On Top Of That The G2's Pixel Count Is Even Slightly Higher. The Other Thing Is How Is The Qualcomm Adreno 330 GPU Chipset Better Performing Than The Adreno 506 That Has a Whole Gigabit More Of RAM?

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    • Just Your Average
    • rRU
    • 30 Oct 2017

    To all the "techies", before you tear me a new one...just hear me out. As a newcomer and admitted "novice" to cellar tech, while I both value and appreciate your "in-depth" analysis of products like this one ( I feel that your incites keep the industry moving forward), perhaps you could remember that every reader/consumer isn't one of you. Some people just want a easy to use device...not for intensive gaming, or running multiple apps at once, or taking professional studio pictures...but just a phone to take and make calls, make and receive texts, take and share photos, and connect to online apps like Facebook-at a speed a little faster than changing the channel on a TV. And not necessarily the blazing speed of a Snapdragon 821 14nm processor. Would be great if some of the "tech analysts" could simply provide information/insight on that.

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      • Boots The Masochist
      • vx6
      • 19 Sep 2017

      Anonymous, 06 Jan 2017U clearly don't understand the "pro" monicker stands for BE... moreThey clearly put the "PRO" moniker for an upgrade with the less efficient SD435 on ZTE blade v8.. its what you call upgrade... if other smartphone company uses pro as one of THOSE flagship phone, (lets say plus models of samsung phone) doesn't mean ZTE has to follow blindly with there naming scheme... anyway, they named it pro FOR AN UPGRADE.....

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        • M i h r a n
        • bxc
        • 25 Jan 2017

        Over all nice phone ! I wish to have one but have no money! 😑😑

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          • zodiacfml
          • nCY
          • 07 Jan 2017

          andy, 06 Jan 2017Finally decently priced device with Snapdragon 625. Moto Z... moresame here. unfortunately, ASUS and Lenovo has released new phones using the same SoC while having 5000mah batteries. we just don't know yet how much those two would cost though

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            • andy
            • pmt
            • 06 Jan 2017

            Finally decently priced device with Snapdragon 625.
            Moto Z Play with same chipset costs twice as much, Huawei Nova is more expensive too.
            I'm waiting for the full test.

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              • consumersmartphone
              • K5u
              • 06 Jan 2017

              ZTE "pro" class is lame, S625 really?

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                • jiten
                • gMC
                • 06 Jan 2017

                i ve gave this idea of eye blink to swipe page to apple mobile co. before 10 month.
                superb mobile with superb features.
                best of luck

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                  • Anonymous
                  • sEF
                  • 06 Jan 2017

                  MrX, 05 Jan 2017Clearly you know nothing about smartphone, 625 is one of th... moreU clearly don't understand the "pro" monicker stands for BETTER version. With this device, a SD625 OBVIOUSLY a joke, since they sold it MUCH EXPENSIVE than the standard ones.

                  When buying a device with "pro"monicker, most people expect EXCELLENT performance worth its price, NOT JUST DECENT like what SD625 offers, heck, its GPU is weaker than the already "weak" Adreno 510 in SD650/652/653!

                  In the end, the ones who will buy this device are: newbies or photography lovers, not gadget experts or tech-lovers that often buy device with performance in mind

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 4Da
                    • 06 Jan 2017

                    Wow!Most boring design,really

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                      • nHF
                      • 05 Jan 2017

                      "~69.4% screen-to-body ratio"

                      No, thanx. Next offer, please.

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                        • MrX
                        • LaE
                        • 05 Jan 2017

                        Anonymous, 05 Jan 2017'Pro' with sd625 chipset? Excellent jokeClearly you know nothing about smartphone, 625 is one of the most efficient cpu ;)

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                          • Maximus
                          • RIE
                          • 05 Jan 2017

                          Too big too much

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                            • MKL
                            • 05 Jan 2017

                            'Pro' with sd625 chipset? Excellent joke