LG V20 review: Time-saver edition

10 January 2017
The LG V20 is the epitomy of LG's technology and the embodiment of a no-comprise phone. It has two screens, two cameras, four high-quality digital to analog converters, a military-compliant shock-resistant all-metal body with the trademark LG removable battery and it even came out with the latest Android Nougat right from the get go.

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  • Anonymous

My screen goes blank and sometimes doesnt come up when a call cones in. And i just bought imthis pgine 2 days ago. I experienced this with the LG V10 & now with LGV20.

  • Anonymous

Yclick, 02 Jul 2018Hi, I need help with my LG v20, no doubt the phone is good... moreI am experiencing same shit right now o

  • paul

I just bought one on eBay. So far, I really like it. The previous phone was an LG Premier on Straight Talk. The new phone is on Verizon's month to month prepaid plan.

Same amount of signal bars in my house but it seems much faster. I don't know if it is the phone or if Verizon supplies Straight Talk at a lower priority.

I updated to Oreo. No problems.... nothing worse than going from Win98 to Win7.

Battery life? I don't know yet. But I /can/ replace just the battery and not the whole phone. eBay lists many for about $10.

  • Anonymous

The oreo update sucks- new downloaded musics shows up few hours later 😑

  • Romeo R. Bantol

My LG V20 snatch can you help me to find my cellphone to trace

  • Anonymous

Yclick, 02 Jul 2018Hi, I need help with my LG v20, no doubt the phone is good... moreTry to change settings from play store.

Hi, I need help with my LG v20, no doubt the phone is good but right now I can't update or refresh some applications like instagram, facebook or even what's app without WiFi connnection.I have tried this on 2 diff networks but it still the same thing even when I am having a very strong network. Has anyone experienced similar issues and how did you resolve it?

New LG V20 H910A unlocked are selling for $189. This is a steal and it makes the current mid range phones a complete rip off!

  • jb

Pliz any one to tell me what brings about the bootloop issues.

  • AnonD-752895

removable battery sdcard slot HIFI audio overall perfect phone. secondary screen fantastic too. battery life is not a problem. in koreo you will get v20 with externel battery charger and battery.

  • Anonymous

Snapchat camera is stuck in wide mode on the phone

  • Rich watarious

Removable battery is almost past and gone. I don't think it will be back as in order of the day. The non-removable battery phones has become order of the day. We the customers should have talked against it there trend of the non-removable batteries when they were being launched every now and then. We always congratulated the phone makers that the make are nice, great, beautiful etc. So it continued till now. Now Only LG does the removable battery but even so they will also stop entire before the year ends. We all did not like the non-removable at first but we have become used to. The good about it is that it protects the phone to same extent. The phones become about 90 or 95 % waterproof.

  • Md sami

Best n premimum model ever superbbbb bcz its a removabel battery and its very good looking it have 135 degree

  • AnonD-560664

I don't understand why GSMArena stopped listing non-removable batteries as a con and now isn't giving credit for removable battery designs.

  • gokishor

Nice review.👍

  • Anonymous

I can really get behind this score, the review is well done. I would only say maybe a half star added to battery, as a nod to its ability to be removed. other than that, spot on.

  • AnonD-77465

Well, in the battery score it deserves 3.5/5 only if it was sealed, but since it's removable it deserves one extra star, so I guess 4.5/5 is more like it.