Huawei Mate 9 review: Time-saver edition

17 January 2017
Huawei continues its rise in the smartphone maker ranks, and the Mate 9 is its latest flagship phablet. As such, it shows everything the company is currently capable of, both in terms of design and hardware.

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  • Hamid reza*

Aslam, 19 Dec 2017I have no words it's superbPlease input example frome region is persian ti phone menu suppported

  • hamidreza*

please help my, Huawei mate 9 MHA_AL00
PLease no supportted persian language to settings please help my in supported persian language to phone engine android thakyou 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Ryu Decade

Just got my EMUI 9 hahahahaha

  • Aslam

I have no words it's superb

  • Anonymous

i am going to buy huwai mate 8 or mate 9... which 1 is the best any body can tell me... 8 or 9

  • ivan

I have Mate 8 and battery life is amazing. Whatever you do, you can't kill it in one day - simply outstanding. I don't know why Mate 9 has inferior battery life compared to Mate 8? Capacity is the same (4000 Mah) and Mate 9 even has smaller screen (5.9 vs 6.0) and also new and more power efficient Kirin 960. Strange

  • mohammad

Hi review the honor 6X do thanks

OPT3 better processor. Are you kidding us gsmarena ?

  • AnonD-339856

This review seem to be doing true justice to the phone.

  • King Jay kay

I don't understand that they gave it lower score in display and build and design quality where I found according to them every thing perfect and higher scores where they reserves some compalins, GSM arena what's wrong with you man.

Any ways over all a great under rated device and will be remembered as almost perfect one in the books of record.

  • AnonD-347196

I want mobile nice phone

  • AnonD-635445

Hai I need to Huawei mobile models that model screen mirroring supported type i need please tell me Huawei mobile models and maximum 1000 dhs is better thank you.