Lenovo P2 review: Charge & Go

23 January 2017
With or without a Vibe (in its name), the P2 is a Lenovo purebred and a worthy successor to the acclaimed midrange Vibe P1. It offers an even higher battery capacity fitted inside a thinner and lighter body. And when we say higher capacity, we mean some incredible 5,100 milliamp hours worth of battery juice.

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  • Ding
  • apT
  • 12 Aug 2021

How can I take screen shot of this lenovo p2? Thanks in advance.

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    • mimi
    • pmH
    • 18 Sep 2018

    While Lenovo P2 was ok while working (battery was awesome) the issue grows when the monitor is broken.
    There is no switch on/off button and pressing button for more then 15.20 sec doesn't turn it off.
    So if we have for example an alert which goes every 15 miuntes we cannot turn it off by any means (well beside drowning the phone)

    I think it is a big issue that there is no safe swith on/off button, when the battery itself is build into the phone


      Nickname, 30 Dec 2017BEST PHONE I'VE EVER HAD I've had many phones, the greates... moreI wanted to buy this phone but the price is going down so I decided to buy the P1 Turbo and it feels like the worse decision that I've done. Not because the phone is bad but the battery is as consistent as I wanted it to be. I just want to ask you a simple question does the P2 have a problem with its battery when its turn off and Wi-Fi is on? Because that is the problem with the P1 Turbo.

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        • Anonymous
        • 0XI
        • 30 Mar 2018

        Dr Anirban Biswas , 15 Dec 2017Good battery life. Everything else is okay. Major probl... moreIf if grands, you should upgrade and then factory reset. After factory reset the phone is working ok since then.

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          • Doggy
          • Ss1
          • 20 Feb 2018

          Were does the GSM antenna is situated on top or bottom? i need to know , thx.

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            • Anonymous
            • vgN
            • 26 Jan 2018

            have anyone try the gps? I mean, does the gps really work? I have zenmax with gps feature on it but in daily life, it seems has HW failure

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              • Nabb
              • g30
              • 25 Jan 2018

              Anonymous, 16 Jul 2017Yess it lag bro during big games mine does'nt almost 2 years and going ......

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                • NAB
                • g30
                • 25 Jan 2018

                Dr Anirban Biswas , 15 Dec 2017Good battery life. Everything else is okay. Major probl... moreit never hanged not even in games all the way up it is now almost 2 years . and mind you even after two years i get 10-11 SOT with heavy usage !!!
                wondering it is underrated but it is the best phone in the world and camera is pretty decent, better than Samsung A5 2017 edition.

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                  • NABB
                  • g30
                  • 25 Jan 2018

                  Nickname, 30 Dec 2017BEST PHONE I'VE EVER HAD I've had many phones, the greates... moreMine never hangs at all even with high demanding games graphic details all the way up
                  it is buttery smooth every where and even marginally it performs well than my s7 edge dont know why may be due to almost stock android !!!!

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                    • Nickname
                    • 61x
                    • 30 Dec 2017

                    BEST PHONE I'VE EVER HAD
                    I've had many phones, the greatest phone I've had was the Xiaomi Mi 5, it was excellent except for the build quality, but unfortunately it got stolen and then I try to change to the Lenovo P2, and boy this one beats the Xiaomi Mi 5 (In my opinion that is)

                    The Lenovo P2 is The Best Phone at it's Class
                    I must say this phone is an all round excellent phone, except for the camera, but I must say the camera is average not that bad not that good, on good lighting condition It's great, but when it's low light, hmm not that good, but given the price tag it's acceptable
                    The Battery? Super Excellent, I've had 16 Hours screen on time and still has 4% left. It's like you can never ever have the phone dies on one day (from 100% that is), well of course this is what you would have when you've got a 5100 MAH+Snapdragon 625+Super AMOLED display, Oh and the charging is fast too (but don't ever lose the charger)
                    The display is also superb, I've always like super saturated colors, and maybe some people prefer realistic color, I on the other hand prefer something punchy in the eye
                    The performance is top notch, never I've had a lag on the user interface, It's buttery smooth and RAM Management is excellent, but on intensive gaming you may found some a bit lag, but that's not a big deal for me
                    Build Quality? Hmm.. I'd say it's great, felt kinda premium, it does fit well in the hand considering I have small hands, and the weight doesn't feel like it has 5100 MAH inside

                    I highly recommend buying this!!
                    (Not sponsored)

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                      • Anonymous
                      • tDP
                      • 29 Dec 2017

                      Sami, 15 Aug 2017Hi guys . I have 2 serious problem on my lenovo p2: -The b... moreIt because of your Internet provider in you country.. So the device struggling to reception of poor internet signal.. And phone get Hot even make it Hang or Lag..

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                        • Dr Anirban Biswas
                        • KAk
                        • 15 Dec 2017

                        Good battery life.
                        Everything else is okay.
                        Major problem is that it hangs very frequently. User since 1 year.

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                          • AnonD-198005
                          • B@1
                          • 04 Dec 2017

                          no usb-c? pity!

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                            • Shoaib Nasir
                            • y@@
                            • 04 Dec 2017

                            mada, 03 Dec 2017hi guys... can anyone tell me if lenovo p2 works with blue... moreI have use bluetooth urbeat on lenovo P2, its works ....

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                              • mada
                              • JiY
                              • 03 Dec 2017

                              hi guys... can anyone tell me if lenovo p2 works with bluetooth headphone? if so what bluetooth headphone your using.. thanks

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                                • Vlaki
                                • ScK
                                • 25 Nov 2017

                                All is ok, camera sometimes so so, but radio is terrible. Horrible radio signal.

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                                  • AnonD-718133
                                  • pVQ
                                  • 24 Nov 2017

                                  The only good thing is battery life . Its refusing to download ringtones

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                                    • Sawyi
                                    • LJd
                                    • 18 Nov 2017

                                    This will be my next phone, looks very amazing so far. Excellent battery stamina with fast charge, accurate and bright display, even NFC and FM-radio, and in top of that it supports dual-sim. I just wonder how it will age, but seeing this review seems like the perfect phone

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                                      • AnonD-714433
                                      • 6PA
                                      • 09 Nov 2017

                                      I bought Lenovo P2 yesterday. This phone is beast in battery. I charged it 100% to yesterday afternoon. Then I updated it to latest version and did all apps downloading etc on wifi. Still after full one day of usage it is 85% battery remaining.

                                      The design and build quality is great as well. I tried to find gray color but couldn't get it so I bought gold color. But this phone looks more premium in gray/black color.

                                      Overall love this phone due to battery and specs.

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                                        • Daany
                                        • Nue
                                        • 04 Nov 2017

                                        AnonD-692251, 15 Aug 2017Another big problem the phone uses all the 8 cores all the ... moreWhat tab is that, I like that feature...