Samsung i600 review: Slim, smart, QWERTY

09 August 2007
Combining the sleek styling of Samsung's slimmest and good looking phones with the high-speed technology of HSDPA and Wi-Fi, the SGH-i600 is a bar-shaped smartphone with up-to-date email and messaging services. Being rich in features...

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  • Anonymous
  • fmP
  • 24 Feb 2012

i have got the phone my self but i still havnt seen its full potential please help

    • F
    • Frank
    • wMH
    • 03 May 2010

    where can i purchase a new keypad and back cover from.Please assist

      • M
      • Mamun
      • vbf
      • 09 Mar 2010

      Hi i am a new user of Samsing SGH-i600 model cell phone. The problem i am having now that is i can't edit my xl.doc which i have download from my personal mail. I'm not sure what should i do and not even know weather it possible or not from this device.

        • c
        • colin
        • LBH
        • 15 Jun 2009

        gery, 01 Oct 2007Hi,i´m thinking of buying the SGH-i600, is there anybody ou... morehi i have the smartphone for one week. i head from a friend that the phone malfunctions and now i worry. i really like the phone and i do hope it works well

          • z
          • zero
          • wr6
          • 25 Nov 2008

          upgrade to WM6 @ ta..da.. you got the best smartphone.

            • I
            • ImPulsE
            • MJM
            • 02 Sep 2008

            I must say, I'm not dissapointed at all. Got this phone, upgraded it for free to Windows Mobile 6.0

            The best phone.

              • a
              • albert
              • wrj
              • 05 Aug 2008

              I have bought it a few weeks ago. It the good mobile smartphones that I have ever seen and could be compare with the other.

              I am in Indonesia - Surabaya City. If there is samsung showroom in which could possible free up grade the software...?

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • iJh
                • 08 Dec 2007

                Hi there, I have it for some 3 weeks now, and it is THE BEST mobilephone Combo around, for the money! Video and Camera are just secondary, but the phone it it's whole and all it Can Do, has surpassed all bounderies, for me. Thank you Samsung!

                  • g
                  • gery
                  • p6n
                  • 01 Oct 2007

                  Hi,i´m thinking of buying the SGH-i600, is there anybody out there who has this phone and is really happy with it?
                  Should i consider something else?I have been reading on the internet that this is probably the best smart phone on the market?

                    • R
                    • RAM
                    • mjP
                    • 23 Aug 2007

                    i have I600 and is qwerty... i'm not blind... probably it is a awerty version too

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                      • F.A
                      • iFs
                      • 18 Aug 2007

                      This is by far the best phone i ever used!

                        • W
                        • WM fan
                        • nn8
                        • 14 Aug 2007

                        F Salik, of cource that this is true :)
                        Upgrades are available here ->
                        Very soon will be reliesed the English version of WM6 for Samsung i600. I see my flag being highlighted, so if I decide will try it ;)

                          • F
                          • F Salik
                          • QbI
                          • 14 Aug 2007

                          The review says "Official Windows Mobile 6 Standard OS upgrade available". Is this true? Pls. confirm!

                          I have one and using it in Dubai, UAE but there is no upgrade available...thats what I have been told by Samsung here.

                            • r
                            • rehamer
                            • Sd0
                            • 12 Aug 2007

                            How about the music quality?

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • Ycr
                              • 11 Aug 2007

                              this phone is available at orangewave wireless in vancouver

                                • W
                                • WM fan
                                • nn8
                                • 11 Aug 2007

                                You may also have a look at the official photos available at the very top of the review:

                                  • W
                                  • WM fan
                                  • nn8
                                  • 11 Aug 2007

                                  The AZERTY layout is a keyboard layout used in France, Belgium and some other countries. It is a locally approved type of layout, not a world one, Geo2160.

                                  The phone do is a QWERTY one, indeed.


                                    • G
                                    • Geo2160
                                    • pkq
                                    • 11 Aug 2007

                                    Are the people who made this review blind? The phone has an AZERTY keyboard, not QWERTY.

                                      • r
                                      • rigel
                                      • U3B
                                      • 10 Aug 2007

                                      woohoo! I waited eons for this review to come up here. Will post again after I read it... ;p

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • PSd
                                        • 09 Aug 2007

                                        its good fone but not that powerful like rokr e6 ,z8,e90,n95........