LG V20 v. Huawei Mate 9: Camera-derie between rivals

09 February 2017
Did you know that once upon a time pineapples were a status symbol? People place great importance on strange things sometimes, but we're sure that having the best flagship matters - we're not just imagining that it's important to have two cameras, a best-in-class display and a beastly chipset caged in a metal unibody. Those are not passing fads like a modular design, right LG?

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  • John

King Jay Kay, 10 Feb 2017Lolzzzzz at all of your comments Now a day if you buy a... moreI have to laugh at how manufactures use trolls to lobby and make there their phones look better than the competition. I say look up costumer service reports first as well as "bugging ware" as in all your data sent to China every 72 hours where the excuse was it was only intended for use in China not the US before saying bad things about the LG V20 as that exposes the truth and then look at current price from reputable dealer and real one yr warranty won't likely need after 30 day test period to exclude it from the defect/QC return percentage all mass produced electronics have.

  • AnonD-660652

V20 has better cam (night shoots)

  • AnonD-633149

battery rating is 68hours only for V20 vs. 82 hours for Mate 9. Mate 9 wins the battery test hands down. Battery charging test also won by Mate 9. Camera test in my opinion a win by Lg V20.

  • 123

v20 is cheaper, and(in my opinion) better in crucial departments. Also it's true cell phone - it has fm radio, ir port, removable battery and back cover, microsd slot. All that is GONE in mate9 and 95% of the other top phones right now.
Win for LG

  • AnonD-14969

in my view, Mate 9 is good in term of build quality, signal reception, battery timing, sound quality , faster f/p sensor and for indoor camera result....

  • AnonD-305262

AnonD-89174, 11 Feb 2017I have a V20 now and next week I am going to change my phon... moreMate 9 is awesome. Best android I've ever had and I've had a few.

  • AnonD-305262

Had mate 9 for a week now and this phone is fast and smooth. Best android I've used.

  • good guy

this is the best tech website in google

  • AnonD-643978

I have a v20 before and shifted to mate 9, the only advantage of V20 in my experience that is the camera even the mate 9 battery is not removable but the 4000mah is enough for 24 hrs usage mate 9 is a bit better more features and the UI is quite smooth than v20

  • Darth

Camere doesnt matter to me. That's why you have a slr.

  • Another User Name

Can't tell, you about the LG, because they know best and won't sell it in the UK, but the Mate 9 is an excellent phone. I've found the fingerprint sensor is in just the right place, and is so quick that I have never felt I'm waiting for it.

Why would you need more pixels on this size of screen? Photos look stunning, nothing looks pixelated.

The battery life continues to impress.

EMUI is surprisingly good, and it comes pre-installed with SwiftKey which was what I used on my nexus and samsung phones and tablets.

The upside-down placement of the power and volume buttons is a real pain in the neck, and switching off when I wanted to lower the volume is annoying.

  • Anonymous

LG V20 over Mate 9 any time

  • Sleepy

I'd pick the V20 over Mate 9 any day.

After using 1440p display, any 1080p phone looks bad enough to judge. Let alone when that's an enormous 5.9 screen that has it.

The wide-angle camera is much fun and such. The kind of manual mode the V20 offers is also an advantage, plus better OIS is important in longer exposure shots that I love doing.

Also stop talking bs. You can reduce resolution in games on the V20, unlike you said. But even with the native 1440p resolution, there aren't any games the Mate 9 runs better to our eyes than V20.

Now, let's move to a very important thing and another huge advantage the V20 brings - STD-810G shock resistance. Don't expect to break the V20, even if it's big.

And then again, it has better sound quality. Not the biggest matter, but still takes the upper hand.

So, you have an exellent device with a superior display in exchange for a minor performance disadvantage, yet covered by a better GPU. The camera is capable of taking the wonderful wide-angle shots whilst you were enjoying better sound quality. And you don't need to worry, not like you will break it unless you really want to.

  • Anonymous

My impression from this review is that LG is better in low light, but Huawei has occasionally better colors in good light. Huawei also lacks Auto-HDR, a major issue in my opinion.

  • skl

I think V20 is a monster overall.

  • AnonD-89174

I have a V20 now and next week I am going to change my phone to Huawei Mate 9. I fell in love with the device the time I saw it the first time. I bought my V20 last December 14, 2016 and by the time I checked it with Huawei if they already got the Mate 9, Huawei wasn't so sure when they would release the device and after new year, Huawei immediately released the Mate 9. I should have waited. The V20 is a good device but I feel like I will be happier if I would own the Mate 9.

  • Anonymous

ithehappy, 09 Feb 2017Neither of these phone have any better camera than S7 or Pi... moreStick to the topic - this is not about any other phone but the two.

  • madal

Sorry, but I had to go with the v20. Dual sims plus DEDICATED SD card slot? Why is this such a difficult thing to do? Removable battery is just icing on the cake, although I'll agree that I probably won't keep it long enough to ever need a replacement. And Qualcomm quick chargers are cheap and everywhere.

  • James

What about in call quality, connectivity, and reception.
These issues are important to me as well as the camera.

raga4ka, 10 Feb 2017Way better battery, 0,4 inch larger screen with the same si... moreYou mean Mate 9's way better battery? Yeah right. 78 vs 82 hours, way better indeed.

The camera I don't think I need to say anything.

The software optimisation, I don't need to say anything here either. Skinned android vs the purest form available, LOL.